Cablofil Cable Basket - Copper Data Cables

Cablofil Cable Basket  - Copper Data Cables

Cablofil cable basket is the cable containment standard for supporting copper communication cables including coaxial cables and twisted pairs.

Coaxial Cable
Low-cost and easy to manipulate, screened coaxial cables are used in data, industrial and instrumentation applications to transmit fast digital signals.

Twisted Pair Cable
Twisted pair cable is commonly used for telephony and data applications in local area networks - twisted pairs are two intertwined copper wires insulated from each other by plastic and enclosed in a sheath : this includes unshielded twisted pairs, foiled twisted pairs and screened shielded twisted pairs.

Reliability and Durability of Cablofil Cable Basket Tray for Copper Data Cables Containment and Support....................
The two major considerations for the network infrastructures are the reliability and durability of the cable installation - in order to measure the positive contribution made by Cablofil cable basket, even when overloaded with cables, a series of independent tests were carried out.

Independent Tests
The aim is to develop a detailed understanding of the short and long-term benefits of using Cablofil cable basket rather than flat-bottomed supports for Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables.

For the two tests described below, parameters relating to cable characteristics (NEXT, FEXT, Attenuation Return Loss) are measured in different configurations. The main parameter selected for comparison purposes is Return Loss - the aim is to define a cables impedance regularity, each irregularity causes the signal to return to its source.

Tests for Reliability Under Load
90 metres of Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables are tested with no load before being subjected to mechanical stress equivalent to the weight of 40 cables stacked together. Measuring and comparing the Return of Loss for each configuration determines the effect of the cable support.

Cablofil Cable Basket - Results
Cablofil cable containment results document for a Category 5e or Category 6 cable subjected to a load of 40 cables, there is no significant difference in behaviour between Cablofil cable tray and a support with flat base.

Tests of Durability Under Load
In order to establish how data cable installations change over time, the equipment is subjected to a simulated 15 year aging process based on extremely stringent military standards. The cables and supports undergo 200 cycles over large temperature variations (-40 Degrees Celsius to +85 Degreees Celsius) over a period of 2 weeks. 

RESULTS - Cablofil Cable Basket
The copper data cables supported by Cablofil cable basket, an open and ventilated cable containment system, performs better than a closed system with a flat-bottom which prevents heat dissipation.

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