Alroc PG3HTA/2833 Pliers For MV Cable Sheath

Alroc PG3HTA/2833 Pliers For MV Cable Sheath

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  • Tool Ref : Alroc PG3HTA/2833
  • MV Medium Voltage Cable Jointing Tool
  • Multifunction Tool For MV Cable Outer Sheath


Alroc PG3HTA/2833 Functions

  • Remove cable outer sheath

Alroc PG3HTA/2833


Cable Diameters : 26 - 52 mm (1.024 - 2.047 in)

Circular Cutting Thickness Capacity : 2.8 mm

Longitudinal Cutting Thickness Capacity : 3.3 mm


Alroc PG3HTA/2833 enables the user to make a circular and longitudinal cut in order to remove cable's outer sheath. The pliers are lightweight and easy to use with a cutting depth ranging from 0.5mm to 5 mm.


Alroc Spare Parts

  • MTL3/33 - Sapre blade for longitudinal cutting 
  • MTC3/28 - Sapre blade for circular cutting (x4) 


Alroc tools are preferred by MV-HV Cable Jointers for cable preparation prior to the installation of cold shrink, heat shrink, slip-on and EPDM rubber cable joints, terminations and connectors from leading manufacturers including ABB, Nexans Euromold, Elastimold, Pfisterer, Prysmian and 3M.

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Alroc PG3HTA/2833 Pliers For MV Cable Sheath

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