Alroc LH3 - Monofunction Tool For Insulation

Alroc LH3 - Monofunction Tool For Insulation

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  • Tool Ref : Alroc LH3
  • HV High Voltage Cable Jointing Tool
  •  Monofunction Tool For Insulation


Alroc LH3 Functions

  • Remove cable insulation
  • Shape cable insulation

Alroc LH3


Cable Diameters : 60 - 80 mm (2.362 - 3.150 in)


Alroc LH3 tool enables the user to easily remove and shape the HV cable insulation.

Insulation removal : back-iron that enables the cable jointer to set the pitch of the cable tool thus making the rotation of the cable tool easy when removing the high voltage cable insulation.


Alroc Spare Parts

  • LAC3 - Spare blade for insulation 


Alroc tools are preferred by MV-HV Cable Jointers for cable preparation prior to the installation of cold shrink, heat shrink, slip-on and EPDM rubber cable joints, terminations and connectors from leading manufacturers including ABB, Nexans Euromold, Elastimold, Pfisterer, Prysmian and 3M.

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Alroc LH3 - Monofunction Tool For Insulation

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