Alroc CNPT/240-2-MV-NG MV Cable Tool Kit

Alroc CNPT/240-2-MV-NG MV Cable Tool Kit

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  • Tool Ref : Alroc CNPT/240-2-MV-NG
  • MV Medium Voltage Cable Jointing Tool
  • Multifunction Tool Kit For Outer Sheath, Peelable Semiconductor & Insulation


Alroc CNPT/240-2-MV-NG Functions

  • Remove the outer sheath
  • Work on the outer sheath
  • Remove / work on the shield
  • Remove the outer semi-conductor
  • Remove the insulation
  • Shape the insulation
  • Tool kits overview
  • Maintain / hang / fix cables

Alroc CNPT/240-2-MV-NG


Cable Diameters : 16 - 40 mm (.630 - 1.575 in)


Alroc CNPT/240-2-MV-NG cable preparation tool kit enables the cable jointer to remove the MV outer cable sheath (PE, PVC, PR) with a straight and neat cut, score the peelable semiconductor (with the SR scoring stylus delivered with the tool) and set the length to be removed and remove the insulation with a straight and neat cut. 


Alroc Spare Parts

  • LS-C - Spare blades for peelable semiconductor with chamfer 
  • KIT-MF3/40 - Protective wear pads 
  • BR - Thrust to set the length of insulation to be remove 
  • VBB1 - Screw for locking the thrust 
  • PCR - Quick set up right angled 45° handle 
  • 196855 - Straight handle M10 
  • 108098 - Clamping knob for blade 
  • SRC - Scoring stylus for peelable semiconductor with chamfer 
  • LMF2 - Spare blade for outer sheath and primary insulation 



Alroc tools are preferred by MV-HV Cable Jointers for cable preparation prior to the installation of cold shrink, heat shrink, slip-on and EPDM rubber cable joints, terminations and connectors from leading manufacturers including ABB, Nexans Euromold, Elastimold, Pfisterer, Prysmian and 3M.

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Alroc CNPT/240-2-MV-NG MV Cable Tool Kit

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