Cembre 500sqmm LV Copper Cable Lugs - A100M

Low Voltage LV Cable Lug Terminations

Cembre Lugs A Range - Rated to 11kV for Dry Indoor Cable Termination

Cembre Single Hole Crimp LugsCembre A100-M16

Cembre A100-M20

Cembre A100-M Copper Cable Lugs 500sqmm - designed to be crimped onto the copper conductor to enable low voltage (LV) cable termination via the crimped lug.

Cembre A100-M - M16, M20 stud hole diameters (mm). Recommended crimping tools Cembre ECW-H3D, RHU520.
Cembre 500sqmm LV Copper Cable Lugs - A100M

Cembre Copper Tube Crimping Lugs for Copper Conductors -Specification (CE Approved & UL Listed)

Cembre copper cable lugs are specified to crimp stranded copper conductors to BS6360 Class 2 and Class 5 flexible copper cables, suitable for 600/1000v, 3.3kV and 11kV dry indoor cable termination when installed using suitably calibrated Cembre crimping tool and die sets.

BS4579 Part 3 Standard - Specification for Compression Joints

Cembre cable lugs are short circuit tested and approved to BS4579-3 : 1976 Specification for performance of mechanical and compression joints in electric cable and wire connectors. BS4579 published in August 1976 was replaced by BS EN 61238 - 1 : 2003

Cembre A-M series cable lugs are manufactured from electrolytic copper tube - the dimensions of Cembre copper tube cable crimp lugs are designed to obtain the most efficient electrical conductivity and mechanical strength to resist vibration and pull out. Cembre cable lugs are annealed to guarantee optimum ductility which is an absolute necessity for electrical cable connectors which will have to withstand the severe deformation arising when compressed by mechanical or hydraulic crimping tools. Annealing prevents cracking or breaking between the cable lug barrel and palm. Cembre lugs feature an inspection hole to facilitate the insertion of the cable conductor - whist the lug barrel length has been designed to allow easy and accurate positioning of the die sets during the cable crimping operation.

Cembre Copper & Aluminium Cable Crimps, Splices & Connectors - blade terminals, pin terminals, fork terminals, ring terminals, insulated terminals (LSF), narrow palm cable lugs, single hole and two hole cable lugs, transformer lugs, bi-metallic lugs, water-blocked lugs, high voltage lugs and cable splices 11-33kV. Cembre Stainless Steel Cable Glands

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Cembre 500sqmm LV Copper Cable Lugs - A100M