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Thorne & Derrick

Thorne & Derrick UK distribute the complete range of Street Lighting, Cable Jointing & Service Connection Equipment - we service local authorities, private lighting contractors (HA & NERS), ICP's and DNO's.

We are approved stockists for UK DNO's electrical equipment including cable joints, link boxes, cut-outs (street lighting, house, heavy duty), photocells, underground cable protection, feeder pillars and service connection products - SSE, ENW, NIE, Northern Powergrid, WPD, SP Energy and UKPN specifications.

Cable Joints and Repair   Duct Seals

Resin cast and heat shrink cable joints suit XLPE/SWA, PILC, split concentric and waveform cables – T&D distribute 3M, CTL, Sicame, ISP, Raychem cable joints.

Resin Cable Joints
Traffic Signal Cable Joints
Heat Shrink Cable Joints
Pot-End Live Cable Seals
Cable Sheath Repair Kits

S6 Straight Joint, 1.5-6sqmm £5.74

S16 Straight Joint, 10-16sqmm £7.47

S70 Straight Joint, 25-70sqmm £17.28

c/w SWA earth kit and brass tunnel mechanical connectors

ALSO - Mains/service straight and branch joints, transitions and stop-ends.3M Scotchcast Standard Low Voltage Inline Resin Joint


Highways Agency Approved

CSD RISE Cable Duct Seals are a multi-cable sealing system providing an effective and simple solution to water tight duct sealing requirements – fast and clean to install, re-enterable. 

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Densoseal 16A duct seal systems is a firm fibrous mastic based on mineral fillers, organic fibres and water displacing materials. Densoseal 16A duct seal is packed into the ends of the duct by hand and moulded firmly around cables and against the duct to close any gaps or fissures.

Denso Mastic 16A Duct Seals
Duct Seals & Duct Sealing

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Feeder Pillars   Cable Fault Detectors

Largest UK Stocks

Lucy Fortress Feeder Pillars in galvanised and stainless steel, many sizes and optional paint finishes.

Feeder Pillars - Single & Double Door
Feeder Pillars - Traffic Signal
Pre-Wired Service Feeder Pillars

LV distribution pillars can be customised to suit client specification incorporating isolator switches, PECU, contactors, heaters, fuse boards (MCB or HRC fuses), circuit breakers, fusegear and cable terminations.

T&D work with consultant engineers and contractors designing single and 3 phase distribution pillars. Full electrical layout and circuit drawings are issued for client approval prior to manufacture.


PHOTOCELLS - Lucy Zodion  


Optimum Energy Efficient Lighting


Lucy Zodion are global market leaders in the innovation and manufacture of street lighting controls reducing energy consumption and cutting carbon footprint. Eco-friendly dawn to dusk street lighting control, including part-night (dimming and OFF) photocells - reduced carbon emissions, reduced energy bills.

Lucy Zodion Photocell (PECU) SS4 - Commercial One Part Photocell

Lucy Zodion Photocell (PECU) SS3 - Street Lighting One Part Solid State

Lucy Zodion Photocell (PECU) SS6 - Street Lighting One Part Solid State

Lucy Zodion Photocell (PECU) SS12 - Miniature Street Lighting Photocell

Lucy Zodion ZEBC Electronic Ballast


SEBA KMT street lighting cable fault locators are compact and reliable for detecting cable faults and measuring lengths of power and motorway telecoms cables with XLPE, PE, PVC insulation.

* Miniflex - lowest cost, user friendly power and comms cable fault locator for use on dead or live cables (blocking filter up to 600v), including twisted pair and coaxial. £756.00 or  £1,061.00 c/w Blocking Filter & VAT - Details Order

* EZ Thump - for difficult cable fault location, eg where expensive traffic management is in place. Battery operated and lightweight Surge Generator and TDR (up to 4kV) enables fault location in a simple step by step process. Sends a brief surge of HV down the cable causing a fault that is normally too high resistance to see with a TDR to break down and "become visible". We then get a distance measurement and switch the unit to "Thump Mode" and use the Digiphone Plus to pinpoint the fault from the surface. £12,079.00 & VAT - Details Order

* Digiphone Plus is used in conjunction with the EZ Thump by HA and street lighting contractors to pinpoint a thump from the surface. Digiphone is unique - actively eliminating noise disturbance, eg traffic. Digiphone informs which direction to go and shows the cable position. £4,480.00 & VAT - Details Order

Nationwide demonstrations available.

Cable Jointing Tools - Consac

Cable Sheath Stripping Tools - Waveform

Belisha Beacons - Solar Powered

Underground Link Boxes

Column Doors Emergency

Cable Cleats - FP Cables

Cable Pulling Lubricant

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Sign clips and band   Cable Pulling and laying

Stainless steel anti-rotational sign clips, banding and buckles for sign installations and column doors. 

C204 1/2" Band x 30m Coil £13.98

C254 1/2" Buckles x 100 £8.87

C206 3/4" Band x 30m Coil £20.52

C256 3/4" Buckles x 100 £13.61

C001 RW100 Installation Tool £57.69



Cable Rollers
Cable Socks
Cable Drum Jacks
Conduit Duct Rods
Underground Cable Protection
Underground Cable Ducting
Cable Lubricant


Also : Insulated Digging Tools

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Lucy Lighting Titan Cut-outs 
Titan street lighting cut-outs are compact providing improved flexibility and safety - increased access allows easier incoming cable terminations up to 25sqmm. Single pole and neutral, double pole or three phase and neutral variants.
Lucy Lighting Single Phase, Single Pole Cutouts - MC040SLF

Lucy Lighting Trojan Isolators
Trojan street lighting isolator range has been redeveloped with a brand new innovative style which has been designed to satisfy all street lighting applications requiring double pole isolation. Lucy Lighting Mini, MidiMaxi Street Lighting Isolators.

Lucy Lighting manufacture the widest range of low voltage street lighting cut-outs, isolator units, fuse units and feeder pillars. 


STOP PRESS - Anti Bacterial Hand Wipes - Protect Against Weils Disease


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