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Power, Motorway Comms, Street Lighting, Utilities LV HV 11kV to 33kV

Polypipe is the UK's leading manufacturer of underground cable ducting systems for buried low and high voltage mains power cables.

Cable duct is available in a complete range of materials, sizes, colours, markings and fittings in accordance with the National Joint Utilities Group.

Underground Cable Ducting - Polypipe Ridgiduct for LV-HV Cables

Polypipe Ridgiduct is a twin wall cable duct system specifically engineered to provide a light, yet robust alternative to conventional cable protection.

Ridgiduct cable duct is manufactured in HDPE and the resulting stiff, yet flexible twin wall structure easily outperforms alternative cable ducting products.

Polypipe Ridgiduct ENATS Approved Cable Ducting - Polypipe Civils is the UK’s leading supplier to the power utilities.

Ridgiduct Power 100, 125 and 150mm duct complies fully with the electrical supply industry specification for cable protection.

Ridgiduct has been independently tested and certified by the BBA to ENATS. Ridgiduct cable duct is approved to ENA Technical Standard 12-24 for 11kV-33kV high voltage mains power cable ducting - this includes ducting three single core 33kV cables into a single duct.

Underground Cable Ducting - Polypipe Polyduct

Polypipe Polyduct cable duct is a single wall alternative to twin wall cable protection.

Polyduct cable duct is manufactured in orange MDPE or HDPE for either open trench or trenchless applications.

Underground Cable Ducting - Polypipe General Purpose

General purpose UPVC Polypipe cable duct and fittings are a cost effective alternative to higher specification systems for use in light and medium duty cable ducting applications.

The cable duct products are manufactured to traditionally accepted dimensions but do not meet the requirements of BS EN 50086-2-4: 1994.

General purpose cable ducting is not suitable for Highways Agency applications and will require a better standard of installation than more robust systems for successful performance.

All cable ducts include an integral socket and accessories include bends, junctions and end caps.

Colour coded cable ducting is available : Electricity, Street Lighting Traffic Signals, Motorway Communications, Gas, Water, Cable TV and Telecoms.

Polypipe Underground Cable Ducting

Polypipe Comtite Duct Transit Systems for Motoway Communications - the mechanical duct plug is designed for use on motorway communication installations where there is a requirement for a sealed transit system.

The duct plug is used in conjunction with a range of insertable cable grommets which allow the duct plug to seal around the cables when it is expanded in the duct.

The duct plug comes with an integral valve that is used to perform an air test on the ducting in order to determine if the system is sealed.

Underground Cable Joints & Jointing Kits 

Underground Cable Jointing 

Where cables are laid direct underground prior to cable jointing, care should be taken that the bottom of the cable trench is substantially smooth and free of sharp edged stones.

The backfill around the cables should be free of sharp edged stones and rubble. Cable joint holes should not be back filled until the underground resin/joint filler is fully hardened.

Underground cable joints must be kept dry until the resin/joint filler is fuly hardened.  

Low and high voltage power cable ducting is available to all DNO specifications - Scottish Power (SP Energy Networks), NIE, ENW (Electricity North West), Western Power Distribution, SSE Power Distribution, Northern Powergrid and UK Power Networks including 11kV, 33kV, waveform and service cable duct applications.

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