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Thorne & Derrick
Thorne & Derrick UK design and deliver Feeder Pillars including pre-wired distribution boards - complete electrical layout and circuit drawings are issued for client approval prior to manufacture of LV Electrical Distribution Feeder Pillars. 

T&D UK have extensive project experience supplying Feeder Pillars to the construction, utilities and building services industry - we would welcome the opportunity to tender for any of your future LV Distribution Feeder Pillar requirements.

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Lucy Lighting   Wired Feeder Pillars
Lucy Lighting    Pre-Wired Distribution Feeder Pillars

Lucy Lighting manufacture low voltage distribution feeder pillars, electrical cabinets, cut-outs, isolators and fusegear.

A dedicated design and engineering team produce Distribution Feeder Pillars to suit your project - send enquiry to T&D.



Distribution Feeder Pillars customised to suit project specifications incorporating isolator switches, PECU, contactors, heaters, fuse boards (MCB or HRC fuses), circuit breakers, fusegear and cable terminations.

Also - Electrical Enclosures, Junction Boxes & Cable Boxes for Low & High Voltages up to 33kV, including ATEX certified Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas. Abtech, Hawke, Spelsberg, Scame, Technor brands.

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Single & Double Door Feeder   Power Supply
Lucy Fortress
Single & Double Door Feeder Pillars
  The Power to Supply..

Robust feeder pillars providing LV electricity distribution for a variety of applications: a high level of corrosion resistance to ensure durability and a long maintenance free life.

Feeder Pillars Lucy Fortress  - Single Door Galvanised

Feeder Pillars Lucy Fortress - Double Dooor Galvanised

Feeder Pillars - Stainless Steel



T&D UK can provide Feeder Pillars and LV-HV Power Distribution Equipment to all industries :  

  • Power Stations
  • Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals
  • Port & Airport Authorities
  • Renewable Energy & Mining
  • Utilities
  • Street Lighting
  • Construction
  • Rail
Feeder Pillars   Trojan Isolator
Cast Iron Service Feeder Pillars
Lucy Heritage
  Lucy Lighting - Street Lighting
Trojan Isolator & Titan Cut-outs

Lucy Heritage cast iron feeder pillars are designed for increased weather protection, security and very long service life - available in a range of sizes, locking arrangements and colours.

Lucy Heritage Cast Iron Feeder Pillars


Lucy Lighting Trojan Isolators and Titan Cut-outs satisfy all street lighting single and double isolation applications.

Single Phase, Single Pole Titan Cutout
Single & Double Pole Titan Cutouts
Double Pole Trojan Isolators


Water Industry - LV, HV & Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment

3M LV Resin and Cold Shrink Cable Joints
3M HV Cold Shrink Cable Joints & Terminations
Prysmian Cable Glands, Joints, Cleats & Terminations
Ellis Patents Cable Cleats
Abtech Electrical Enclosures
CSD Cable Duct Seals 
Marechal Plugs & Sockets
Craig & Derricott Stainless Steel Isolators
Electrical Safety Equipment
Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment

T&D UK are approved Suppliers to most water industry contractors involved in AMP water and wastewater infrastructure upgrade projects. T&D provide an extensive range of Low-High Voltage Electrical and Cable Installation Equipment with WIMES, ATEX and DSEAR approvals. 


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