Low Voltage Pre-Wired Distribution Feeder Pillars

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Low Voltage Pre-Wired Distribution Feeder Pillars

Low voltage distribution feeder pillars can be customised to suit client electricalStreet Lighting Distribution Boards - Lucy Zodion Dist RX specifications ; LV distribution pillars can incorporate isolator switches, PECU, contactors, heaters, fuse boards (MCB or HRC fuses), circuit breakers, fusegear and cable terminations.

3 phase 415V distribution pillars can be fitted with 4 pole contactors to control the phases simultaneously or one contactor per phase for individual phase control - Thorne & Derrick UK work with consultant engineers and electrical contractors designing single and three phase low voltage electricity distribution feeder pillars.

Full electrical layout and circuit drawings are issued for client approval prior to manufacture.

Long Life, Low Maintenance - distribution pillars are made from 5mm galvanised sheet steel and powder coat painted for UV resistance, IP65 rated and fitted with anti-vandal locks.

Reduced Cost, Increased Efficiency - distribution pillars locatable close to the electricity supply point thereby reducing the amount of low voltage cabling required, cutting installed cost and client running costs.

Release Premium Building Space - where space is unavailable for bulky indoor switchgear, compact outdoor distribution feeder pillars liberate high-demand, indoor floor space.

Delivered to Site, Ready to Use - fully assembled LV distribution feeder pillars are fitted out to customers specification for fast site installation - single phase (240V) and three phase (415V) service feeder pillars for low voltage electricity distribution.

Expand for Future Demand - spare capacity built into distribution feeder pillar design for retrofitting and upgrading of control, monitoring and extra circuit equipment.

Pictured: Low Voltage Pre-Wired Distribution Feeder Pillars

Low Voltage Pre-Wired Distribution Feeder Pillars

LV Electricity Distribution Feeder Pillars - Specification : 

  • Pillars made from either 3mm or 5mm galvanised steel to BS1461
  • Mini, single or double door pillars with stainless steel hinges
  • IP65 door seal rating for outdoor service
  • Backboard made from 18mm thick plywood
  • Earth lead supplied from distribution pillar body to door

Control equipment to suit your specification - Single or three phase control/distribution pillars with contactor/timer control, photo cell relay options, door interlock safety switch and distribution board (MCB or HRC fuses).

Feeder Pillars

T&D together with Lucy Electric also offer double door feeder pillars, mini feeder pillars and micro feeder pillars.

Adobe Feeder Pillars - Pre Wired Pillar Design Sheet

Adobe Low Voltage Electricity Distribution Feeder Pillars

Adobe Lucy Fortress Feeder Pillars - Pre-Wired - Sample Drawing

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Low Voltage Pre-Wired Distribution Feeder Pillars