Isolators & Switch Disconnectors

Craig and Derricott IsolatorsCraig and Derricott Isolators

Isolation Equipment and Switch Disconnectors


  • Moulded Plastic Isolators & Switch Disconnectors IP65 20A-63A
  • Mild Steel Isolators & Switch Disconnectors IP65 20A-63A
  • Stainless Steel Isolators & Switch Disconnectors IP65 20A-63A
  • Die Cast Isolators & Switch Disconnectors IP65 20A-63A
  • Sheet Steel Isolators & Switch Disconnectors IP41 32A-630A
  • Sheet Steel Isolators & Switch Disconnectors IP65 32A-1000A
  • ATEX Zone 22 Isolators& Switch Disconnectors Cat 3D
  • Fire Rated Isolators & Switch Disconnectors 20A-125A

Isolation Equipment and Switch Disconnectors
Craig & Derricott Section 12 London Underground Isolators
Craig & Derricott Stainless Steel Water Utility Isolators
Lucy Lighting Street Lighting Trojan Isolators

Switch Disconnectors (Isolators) provide the means to safely disconnect or isolate an item of electrical equipment from the power supply - primarily designed to provide a means of local isolation when an elecrical item may need maintenance or repair. Switch Disconnectors also i) provide an effective clearance between the supply and the electrical load appropriate to the voltage applied, ii) provide a means of "locking off" (padlocking), iii) provide true indication of contact state, iv) provide a safe electrical disconnection from the power supply even under fault conditions.



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