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How Reduced kVA Demand Can Slash Power Bills

ABB CLMD Low Voltage LV Capacitors

ABB CLMD LV low voltage capacitors provide effective and reliable power factor correction. ABB CLMD capacitor dry windings are provided with a sequential disconnector ensuring that each element can be reliably and selectively disconnected from the low voltage circuit at the end of its life. The ABB elements are placed inside a sheet steel enclosure and connected to supply the single or three-phase power at the required voltage and frequency.

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ABB LV Low Voltage Capacitors - CLMD Benefits

  • High breakdown strength
  • Excellent peak current handling capability
  • High capacitance stability at low voltages
  • Optimal self healing design
  • Long service life


Key Elements of Plant Related Power Quality Problems

* low power factor, as this burdens the low voltage supply system causing unacceptable voltage drops

* harmonic pollution, as this causes extra stress in low voltage electricity networks and makes installations run less efficiently or not at all

* load imbalance, as this may lead to an unacceptable voltage imbalance, and leads to an increase of neutral current stress and unacceptable voltage between neutral and earth

ABB Power Quality products and electrical equipment can be used to address these low voltage electrical problems in an efficient and optimal way.
ABB provides utility and industrial customers with safe, reliable and smart technologies for the distribution of medium voltage electricity.

New for 2013, T&D are ABB Power Product Distributors - ABB Fuses, ABB Transformers, ABB Surge Arresters, ABB Vacuum Contactors, ABB Capacitors.

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Thorne & Derrick UK are national distributors and worldwide exporters of LV-HV Cable Installation, Cable Jointing & Electrical Equipment - we service UK and global businesses involved in cable installations, cable jointing, substation and electrical construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV and EHV. T&D service utilities, power, construction, rail, mining, offshore, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

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