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Thorne & Derrick

T&D distribute Prysmian cable joints, cable cleats, cable glands and terminations for LV-HV cable systems – Prysmian FP Fire Resistant power cables are world-market leaders in maintaining circuit integrity during a fire with BASEC and LPCB approval to meet BS7846 Category F2 fire, water and shock tests.

T&D supply LV-HV Cable Accessories, Jointing & Electrical Eqpt - we service UK and global businesses involved in cable installations, cable jointing, substation and electrical construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV and EHV - we export to utilities, power, construction, rail, mining, offshore, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

ATEX, IEC Ex, GOST Hazardous Area Eqpt

Prysmian   FP Plus
Prysmian Cable Joints, Terminations, Glands, Cleats & Tools   Prysmian FP Fire Resistant Cables, Joints, Glands & Cleats  

T&D UK are Prysmian (BICC) Distributors - we offer you competitive pricing on LV-HV cable joints, cable terminations, cable glands, cable cleats  - contact us for a quote


T&D UK can offer very competitive prices for market-leading Prysmian FP Fire Resistant Cables, Cable Joints, Cable Glands and Cable Cleats.

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Cable Cleats   Cable Glands
Prysmian Cable Cleats   Prysmian Cable Glands

Prysmian cable cleats suit LV-HV cables with short circuit fault ratings for industrial installations:

- Claw Cleats
- Hook Cleats
- Trefoil Cable Cleats
- Plastic (LSF) Cable Cleats
- Aluminium 2 Bolt Cable Cleats
- Stainless Steel Industrial Multicleats


Prysmian cable glands terminate wire armour, braided, unarmoured and lead sheathed cables in industrial and hazardous areas:

- BW & CW Brass Cable Glands (SWA)
- BW & CW Brass Cable Glands (LSF)
- CW Aluminium Cable Glands (AWA)
- E1FW Hazardous Area Cable Glands
- E1W Outdoor IP66 Cable Glands
- Explosion Proof Barrier Glands
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Cable Terminations   Cable Joints
High Voltage Heat Shrink Cable Terminations & Cable Joints   Prysmian LV Cable Joints

Prysmian HV heat shrink joints and cable terminations are suitable for XLPE, EPR, PILC and Triplex cables, 11-33kV.

Prysmian HV Heat Shrink Cable Joints & Cable Terminations

Also Alroc High Voltage Cable Preparation & Jointing Tools


Prysmian LV cable joints suit all power, control and instrumentation cables:

- Power Cable Joints (XLPE PILC EPR)
- Pilot & Telephone Cable Joints
- Fire Resistant FP400 Cable Joints
- LSF Zero Halogen Afumex Joints
- Hazardous Area Cable Joints

Dutch Clamps

Prysmian Dutchclamp Cable Cleats
Prysmian Dutchclamp trefoil cable cleats are suitable for supporting cables in trefoil arrangement with diameters of 27-118mm for low, medium and high voltage cables – cable cleats are halogen free, flame retardant and resistant to oils, acids and aggressive conditions.

Prysmian Dutchclamp Cable Cleats

LV-HV Cable Joints, Cable Terminations, Cable Glands, Cable Cleats, Enclosures, Fusegear, Heat & Cold Shrink, Underground Cable Protection, Plugs & Sockets, Street Lighting, Control Gear, Duct Seals, Cable Duct, Cable Transits, Earthing, Bushings, Surge Arresters, Isolators, Tapes - Ex Stock.

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Chris Dodds

3M UK Largest Stockist of LV-HV Cold Shrink Joints & Terminations 11-33kV

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