Thomas & Betts - Hazardous Area Tefzel & Halar Ties

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Thomas & Betts - Hazardous Area Tefzel & Halar Ties

Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap Tefzel Cable Ties



Thomas & Betts high temperature and chemical resistant Tefzel cable ties for harsh operating conditions. Tefzel cable ties are inert to organic and inorganic chemicals, solvents, acids, oils and hydrocarbons for hazardous area (Zones 1 and Zones 2) cable bundling.

Tefzel cable ties are resistant to aggressive chemicals including concentrated hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids. Tefzel is radiation resistant up to 200 megarads and meets the fire and smoke requirements of IEEE 383.

Tefzel also withstands high temperatures and ultraviolet light exposure.

Tefzel cable ties are ideal for applications requiring resistance to environmental stresses such as chemical attack, gamma radiation, ultraviolet radiation and extreme temperatures.

Tefzel cable ties have a UL flammability rating of UL94 V-0. 
Thomas & Betts Tefzel & Halar Cable Ties

Halar cable ties meet the nuclear industry NEC recommendations for bundling qualified cable without conduit in plenum spaces. Halar cable ties have a low smoke density rating and excellent flammability rating of UL 94V-0.

Halar cable tie applications include nuclear plants, chemical environments, telecommunications equipment, aerospace and high & low temperature environments. Halar cable ties have a distinctive maroon color.

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