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Steel Construction

Ritherdon Meter Boxes are available for different applications with a full range of repair parts provided. There are many situations where metal is either a requirement or is simply preferred to Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP). This could be from either an area where a fire or fumes could be present or simply to prevent against Meter Box R3 Flush Mounth - Metalvandal attacks. These situations along with many others are where the Ritherdon range has long been providing the answer.

The range of Ritherdon Meter Boxes are constructed to the specifications set out in the Electricity Supply Industry ESI 12-3. The small, medium and large boxes are designed for semi-recessed, flush or surface mounting fitting. Each Ritherdon Meter Box is constructed from corrosion-resistant, zinc-plated steel with the R16 option being stainless steel. Each meter box is supplied powder coated white for an extremely durable finish. 

The range of meter box repair parts provides an option to simply repair the Ritherdon Meter Box rather than replace the entire unit. The repairing of a meter box takes a matter of minutes meaning the a meter box can be repaired without the need to disconnect gas or electricity supplies. 

To help with the selection of the correct part to repair the Ritherdon Meter Boxes, the product selection table shows exactly which door and frame unit is needed to repair your meter box - request from T&D.

Pictured: Ritherdon Meter Box R10

Ritherdon R10 Steel Meter Box

Pictured: Ritherdon R22 Gas Meter Box

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Ritherdon Meter Boxes - Benefits:

  • Made to the dimensions specified in the Electricity Supply Industry ESI 12-3
  • A range of small, medium or large meter boxes available
  • Manufactured from corrosion-resistant, zinc-plated steel
  • Powder coated white for a very durable finish

Video: Electricity meter box repair via Ritherdon YouTube.

Adobe Ritherdon FireSeal Meter Box - Fire Protection - Small, Medium, Large

Adobe Ritherdon R16 Meter Box Surface Mounted - Stainless Steel - Small, Medium, Large.

Adobe Ritherdon R3 Meter Box Flush Mounted Metal - Small, Medium, Large.

Adobe Ritherdon R5 Meter Box Standard Semi Recessed - Small, Medium, Large.

Adobe Ritherdon R6 Meter Box Surface Mounted - Metal - Small, Medium, Large.

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