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Prysmian BICON Multi-cleat comprises of a heavy duty stainless steel cable strapPrysmian BICON Multicleats - Trefoil Cable Cleats Stainless Steel and a metallic base around which the cable strap is wrapped. The benefits of a having a stainless steel cable strap and base set-up, as opposed to just a strap type cable cleat are as follows.

Prysmian Multicleats are part of the Prysmian BICON trefoil range of cable cleats suitable for clamping LV, MV, HV cables with diameters 24 to 145mm for use with all standard ladder and tray systems.

Epoxy coated aluminium versions or stainless steel available for harsher environments as well as plain aluminium bases for normal industrial areas or outdoor unpolluted areas.

According to IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers) Regulations for Electrical Installations, whenever cables are installed in trefoil formation they need to be a set distance away from any support structure in order to avoid de-rating the cables. This distance is a proportion of the diameter of cable (low or high voltage) involved. The bases on the Prysmian BICON Multi-cleats ensure that this distance is maintained, rather than resting the cables directly onto the support structure.

When installing the cables, the stainless steel cable strap can be wrapped around the LV-HV cables and base without lifting up the cables - if a base was not present then the cables would have to be lifted in order to wind the cable strap around.

The width of the bases mean that the cables have a greater area of contact, than that of the typical strap type cleat, so the chance of damaging the cables due to their own weight is reduced.

Unlike the solid strap type cable cleats the Multi-cleat stainless steel cable cleat secures the trefoiled cables within a tensiond strap, this has the ability to expand and absorb the shock of a short circuit instead of needing to be strong enough to resists the shock as a rigid structure - and importantly the cable cleat has a less damaging effect on the cables.

Prysmian BICON Multi-cleat has also been proven to have the best range taking capability of any of the trefoil cleats on the market - Prysmian BICON Multi-cleats can handle cables with vastly varying cable tolerances.

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Prysmian BICON Trefoil Multi-Cleats - Advantages