Promatic Hot Air Burners - Sievert Heating Tools

Sievert Heating Burners  - Promatic Hot Air Burners

Used for heat shrink and paint stripping by contractors and installers.

Product Data - Sievert Heating Tools Promatic Hot Air Burner

Burner Diameter - 38mm

Gas Consumption - 180g/h

Effect - 2,3kW


Sievert Promatic Heat Shrink Gas Torch Features

• Automatic ignition - guaranteed for 30,000 ignitions

• Trigger on/off function - no waste of LP gas

• Bayonet fitted burners - quick change

• Swivel hose nipple - avoid hose drag

• Precise flame adjustment valve

• Load relieving trigger system

• Unique patented ignition system

• Ergonomic and modern design

• Works in all weather conditions

• Wide range of burners for all heat shrink applications

Sievert Heat Shrink Tools – Gas Torches, Burners & Tools

T&D distribute Sievert heating tools used by electrical engineers, utilities and cable jointers. This includes Sievert heat shrink gas torches, burners and tools for shrinking heat shrink tubings - used by low voltage LV and high voltage HV cable jointers for shrinking heat shrink cable joints and cable terminations. Soft flame burners with sweeping, powerful yellow and blue soot-free windproof flame prevents scorching to cable insulation or heat shrink tubings. Fresh air is sucked into the burner head to minimise risk of burning during cable jointing or terminating. A complete range of Sievert heat shrink gas torch tools are available for thin, medium and thick walled heat shrinking applications - gas torches are available for high voltage heat shrink cable jointing including 11kV to 33kV tubings.

Sievert Technical Specification 333401 334990 335890 335990
Diameter (mm) 38 32x15 32x15 25
Heating effect kW 1-6 0-7 0-7 0-36

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Promatic Hot Air Burners - Sievert Heating Tools