Powerjet Range - Sievert Heating Tools

Sievert Heating Tools - Powerjet Range

Sievert Heat Shrink Gas Torches, Burners & Guns Catalogue

Sievert Powerjet heating tools for refillable cylinder Sievert 2000 or Sievert 2012.

Sievert 2193 with 2 metre hose and 700001 connection valve.

The professional Sievert blowtorch for brazing, soft soldering and other heating applications.

Product Data - Sievert Powerjet Burners

Handle pressure - 2,5 bar

Cyclone burner (included) - Sievert 8706

For propane cylinder (not incl.) - Sievert 2000

Can be used with all burners except Sievert 8707


Sievert Powerjet - Lightweight & Hand Held Torch System

• Automatic piezo ignition

• Trigger on/off function - no waste of LP gas

• Heating tool operates in all positions

• Wide range of quick changeable heat shrink burners

• For refillable cylinders or disposable cartridges

• Ergonomic light weight composite handle or sturdy heavy duty metal handle

Sievert Heat Shrink Tools – Gas Torches, Burners & Tools

T&D distribute Sievert heating tools used by electrical engineers, utilities and cable jointers. This includes Sievert heat shrink gas torches, burners and tools for shrinking heat shrink tubings - used by low voltage LV and high voltage HV cable jointers for shrinking heat shrink cable joints and cable terminations. Soft flame burners with sweeping, powerful yellow and blue soot-free windproof flame prevents scorching to cable insulation or heat shrink tubings. Fresh air is sucked into the burner head to minimise risk of burning during cable jointing or terminating. A complete range of Sievert heat shrink gas torch tools are available for thin, medium and thick walled heat shrinking applications - gas torches are available for high voltage heat shrink cable jointing including 11kV to 33kV tubings.

Technical Specification 870801 871001
Diameter (mm) 338 24
Heating Effect kW 1-7 3-5

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Powerjet Range - Sievert Heating Tools