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Salisbury Insulated Tools

Electrical Shock Protection


Salisbury insulated tools are manufactured using an impact resistant and flame retardant insulating material. The two-colour insulation material used on the tools makes inspection easier, adding to the overall safety. The Salisbury tools may no longer be insulated properly if the yellow under layer is showing, these tools should be considered for electrical retesting.

Salisbury insulated tools come in carrying cases or tool rolls, making them easily movable from site to site. 

Salisbury offers over 2,000 insulated hand tools and insulated hand tool kits. 

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Salisbury Insulated Tools - Electrical Safety Equipment

Salisbury Insulated Tools Features

  • Meets IEC 900 Standard for Insulated Hand Tools
  • Exceed current ASTM F1505-07 Standards for Insulated Hand Tools
  • Helps Meet OSHA Requirements
  • Meets NFPA 70E Requirements
  • Tested to 10,000 VAC and Rated for 1,000 VAC Maximum Exposure
  • Impact Resistant & Flame Retardant Two-Color Insulating Material

Salisbury Non-Sparking & Non-Magnetic Safety Insulated Tools (S.I.P)

Salisbury non-sparking/non-magnetic insulated hand tools and tool kits are manufactured from special alumi-num-bronze and copper-beryllium alloys. These insulated tools are safe for use in areas where hazardous, flammable, or combustible vapours, liquids, dusts, or residues may be present. Salisbury safety insulated tools are also highly corrosion-resistant.

Salisbury Non-Sparking & Non-Magnetic Safety Insulated Tools


Insulated Hand Tools

Insulated Hand Tools are Necessary to Meet OSHA and NFPA 70E Standards. The NFPA 70E standard and OSHA regulations have been established to protect workers from electrical shock and arc flash hazards and to educate workers about the protection needed from these dangers. 


Salisbury Insulated Hand Tools - Electrical Shock Protection

Salisbury Non-Sparking & Non-Magnetic Safety Insulated Tools (S.I.P)

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