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3M LA23 Scotchcast Resin Cable Joint Kit, 23-37mm Cable Diameters.

3M Scotchcast low voltage resin cable joint kits are suitable for inline (straight) cable jointing single core XLPE (AWA aluminium wire armoured), EPR (GSWB galvanised wire braided) and unarmoured power cables, 600/1000v.

3M LA Scotchcast Cable Jointing Kits have been replaced by 3M LVI1 Scotchcast Cable Jointing Kits


3M LA23 Cable Joints, Inline Type : Joint Kit List  

Each 3M LA23 cable joint kit (Scotchcast LA) includes two-part cable joint mould/shell, polyetherurethane cable resin No. 1471 (Closed Mix & Pour system), armour continuity, 3M Scotch tapes and full cable jointers instructions.

3M LA23 cable joint kit can be upgraded for use with 3.3kV cables and is also suitable for jointing high voltage 6.6kV unscreened cables by using additional Scotch 23 self amalgamating tape.


Pictured : 3M LA23 Cable Joint

3M LA23 Cable Joint

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3M Scotchcast LA23 Resin Joint