3M 91-NBA-0 Inline Resin Joints Unarmoured Cables

3M3M Scotchcast LVI Cable Joints

Unarmoured Cables

3M 91-NBA-0

Maximum Cable Size 4 Core 4sqmm 

3M Scotchcast resin inline (straight) cable joints for power jointing unarmoured cables 600/1000 volts.

  • Designed to joint inline unarmoured LV power cables by encapsulating in a resin filled shell
  • One part mould body with a top seal and 5 fixing clips for a simpler installation process and reduces the chance of resin leakage - no need for extra taping
  • Pre-cut foam ends which reduces the need for sawing and taping the end of the cable joint mould
  • Fully integrated delivery system which significantly reduces the chance of resin waste
  • Closed cap to prevent pollution
  • Large cable joint shell design allows the use of mechanical connectors
  • Clear cable jointing resin bags to aid with the mixing process
  • Supplied with European legislation (REACH) compliant 2 part polyetherurethane resin
  • Kit comprises mould shell, Scotchcast 40G resin, snap in 5 core spacer, abrasive sponge, gloves and crimp ferrules (on request)

Cable joints are also available for jointing unarmoured cables located in hazardous areas.ATEX

Pictured : 3M 91-NBA-0 Cable Joint

3M 91-NBA-0 Cable Joint

Adobe 3M Inline Resin Joints Unarmoured Cables 91-NBA-0

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3M 91-NBA-0 Inline Resin Joints Unarmoured Cables