Prysmian FP400 4 Core 16sqmm Cable Joint - FRZHMPJ3

Prysmian FP400 Cable JointsPrysmian FP400 Cable Joints

Fire Resistant Performance




Prysmian FRZHMPJ3

Cable Jointing Kit to Suit Prysmian FP400 Cables up to 4 Core 16sqmm

Prysmian FRZHMPJ3 FP400 Fire Resistant Cable Joint

Prysmian FP400 Fire Performance cable joints are tested to BS6387 categories C,W and Z.

FP400 straight joint kits feature low hazard isocynate JEM jointing resin, fire retardant and LSOH joint shell, earth continuity for SWA armoured cables.

Connectors excluded - Prysmian BICON crimps or Cembre crimp ferrules are suitable. 

Prysmian FRZHMPJ3 FP400 Straight Joints

  • 2 Core Max Conductor 50sqmm
  • 3 Core Max Conductor 25sqmm
  • 4 Core Max Conductor 16sqmm

Cable Joint Shell Dimensions

  • A - 405mm
  • B - 100mm
  • C - 80mm

Prysmian FP400 FRZHMPJ3

Prysmian Fire Resistant FP400 cable joints (straight and branch) comply to BS6387 (C, W & Z categories).

BS6387 specification covers the performance requirements for cables to maintain circuit integrity in fire conditions.

  • C=Fire Resistant 950°Celsius for 3 Hours = Cable Joint Passed
  • W=Fire Resistant & Water Spray 650°Celsius 15 Mins = Cable Joint Passed
  • Z=Fire Resistant & Mechanical Impact Test 15 Mins = Cable Joint Passed 

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Adobe Prysmian FP400 4 Core 16sqmm Cable Joint - FRZHMPJ3

Adobe Prysmian JEM Resin FP400 4 Core 16sqmm Fire Performance Cable Joint - FRZHMPJ3

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Prysmian FP400 4 Core 16sqmm Cable Joint - FRZHMPJ3