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W T Henley and Prysmian (Pirelli) manufacture a range of Polyurethane Resin Cable Jointing Compounds, primarily intended as a filling medium for low and high voltage cable joint boxes and cable end termination boxes.

However they are equally suited to any electrical insulating applications requiring water-tightness or mechanical protection.

WT Henley and Prysmian cable jointing compounds and resins will adhere to paper or polymeric cables as well as copper and brass surfaces.

Prysmian R391 non-hardening plastic weatherproof compound is used to protect electrical connections. Prysmian (formerly Prysmian BICC) R391 compound has the consistency of a putty and superb electrical insulation properties, rated for use up to 1000v.

Thorne & Derrick UK also stock a broad range of cable jointing tapes for low and high voltage applications - this includes cotton, terylene, oil impregnated and varnish tapes.

Adobe 3M Re-enterable Resin for Electrical Encapsulation

Adobe 3M Scotchcode Wire and Cable Identification

Adobe Bicalflux for Aluminium Conductors

Adobe Coraline Flux

Adobe G101 Hot Pour Compound up to 11kV - BICC Pirelli G101

Adobe G507 Yellow Varnish Tape - BICC Pirelli G507

Adobe G510 Plain Cotton Tape - BICC Pirelli G510

Adobe G512 Bitumen Tape - BICC Pirelli G512

Adobe G515 Oil impregnated Tape - BICC Pirelli G515

Adobe G532 Terylene Tape - BICC Pirelli G532

Adobe G8 Hot Pour Compound up to 22kV - BICC Pirelli G8

Adobe Plumbers Metal

Adobe R391 Compound - BICC Pirelli R391

Adobe Terylene Tape

Adobe Tinmans Solder

Adobe W T Henley Polyurethane Resin for Jointing & Electrical Insulation

Adobe WT Henley Weatherproof Compound for Void Filling Electrical Eqpt