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T&D UK stock an extensive range of resin cast, cold shrink and heat shrink cable joints and splices for the cable jointing of BS6883 cables in offshore applications.


Pictured : 3M Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints - Industrial & Hazardous Area



BS6883 is the British (and also an international) industry standard for the Offshore Oil and Gas, Ship Building and Marine Industries in the UKCS.

BS6883 cables are available in single and multi-core versions both unarmoured (type 657 SW4) and with galvanised steel wire armour braid (type 658 SW4) for mechanical protection.

BS6883 Cables - Cable Joints, Glands, Ties, Terminations, Cleats




  • BS6883 657 SW4 Unarmoured - tinned stranded copper conductor, EPR insulation, SW4 LSHF elastomeric outer cable sheath - black.


  • BS6883 658 SW4 Armoured - tinned stranded copper conductor, EPR insulation, halogen free elastomeric bedding, galvanised steel wire braid armour, SW4 LSHF elastomeric outer cable sheath - black.


Pictured : BS6883 0.6/1kV Shipwiring Power 658 SW4 Armoured Cable



3M Scotchcast resin cable joints are suitable for cable jointing BS6883 0.6/1kV shipwiring power cables in both safe and hazardous areas (Zone 1 and Zone 2)

The BS6883 cables are flame retardant to IEC 60332 and when a mica glass tape is applied over the conductors they are then fire resistant to IEC 60331 and BS 7917.

Construction is similar to other industry standards (such as Norway's NEK 606 and America's IEEE 1580 type P) however variations in the construction of BS6883 and other products as listed in the industry relate to the insulation, screening, braiding, bedding and sheathing compounds.

The conductors of BS 6883 cables are constructed with tinned annealed copper conductors and comply with BS 6360 / IEC 60288 for class 2 or class 5.

BS6883 conductors are insulated with EPR and comply with BS 7655.

BS6883 conductor insulation colours/and or numbers differs from both NEK 606 and IEEE 1580 type P.

BS6883 sheathing compounds for both inner and outer cables are typically EVA (halogen free) and or CSP subjects to clients requirements.

BS6883 armoured cables have either galvanised steel braid (GSWB) or in case of single core cables or phosphor bronze (TPWB) on tinned copper wire (TCWB).

Standard outside sheath are coloured black for power and control, grey or blue for instrument, red for medium voltage.

BS6883 & UKOOA instrument cables are individually or collectively screened with an Aluminium mylar tape in contact with a tinned copper drain wire.

T&D distribute Prysmian Draka Cables - the complete range of marine, offshore oil and gas power, control Prysmian Drakaand instrumentation cables for use on oil platforms and floating oil production units (FPSO). Offshore cables from 250V to 33kV to IEEE, UKOOA and IEC specifications.



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