3M Scotchcast Low Voltage Resin Cable Joints - New LVI Kits

3M3M Scotchcast Low Voltage Resin Cable Joints

New LVI Resin Cable Jointing Kits from 3M  

3M Electrical has launched a new range of 3M Scotchcast LV Resin Cable Jointing Kits, designed to simplify and speed up installation of low voltage electrical cable systems, while simultaneously minimising the risk of contact with cable jointing resins.

Says Neil Roberts, General Sales and Marketing Manager for 3M’s Electrical Markets division in the UK, “Our new LV cable jointing kits represent a market breakthrough, helping installers and cable jointers to meet increasingly stringent health and safety requirements, whilst also enabling them to install more cable joints, more easily, in less time.”

Pictured : 3M Scotchcast LVI Cable Joints

3M Scotchast

Unlike existing resin mould cable joint systems that use two shell components, the new cable jointing kit range from 3M is the first in the industry to use a one-part cable joint mould shell.

This enables more rapid installation of the LV cable jointing kit, while a single top seal and five fixing clips ensure a consistent, error-proof process, significantly reducing the chance of resin leakage and completely eliminating the need for additional taping. 

Furthermore, the new 3M LVI cable jointing kit range means that at no point does the installer need to be exposed to the jointing resin, since an integrated resin delivery system reduces the chances of skin contact or vapour inhalation. 

The cable jointing resin is mixed in a two-part bag. A release-nozzle, which is built into the mixing bag, is then pierced by a receptor on the top of the mould shell.

The cable joint kits use 3M’s own polyetherurethane resins, designed to comply with the impending environmental and user safety regulatory changes being brought in across the EU.

Pictured  : 3M Scotchcast Resin Advanced Delivery System

3M Resin

Another significant innovation is the introduction of foam seals at either end of the jointing kit body that provide a flexible but totally secure fit around the cable, removing the need for additional sawing or taping that is necessary with most existing resin jointing techniques.  

The new Scotchcast LV Resin Cable Jointing Kits cater for both armoured and non-armoured power and instrumentation cables.

Within the range, there are options for standard applications such as street lighting and service cable jointing, products for more specialised applications where there are high levels of humidity.

The new range is the latest addition to 3M’s portfolio of jointing and terminating kit solutions for the electrical industry, which cover low, medium and high voltage applications, including Cold Shrink which is used by more than half of the UK’s main power utilities. 

Other products include 3M Scotch tapes, 3M Scotchcode wire marking systems, 3M cable location and 3M fault detectors, 3M earthing kits, 3M lugs and 3M connectors.