Prysmian Bicon 370BA06 Claw Cable Cleats - 25-32mm

Prysmian Claw Cleats

Prysmian BICON 370BA06

370 Series Claw Cleats

Prysmian 370BA06 aluminium claw cleats have a two piece single fixing bolt design allowing the claw cleats to be stacked maximum 3 at a time in industrial or outdoor areas – The LUL approved claw cleats are part of the Prysmian BICON range of single way cable cleats.

Epoxy coated cable cleats are available for heavy industrial and hazardous area locations – order code Prysmian BICON 370BB06.

Prysmian Bicon 370BA06 Aluminium Claw Cleat Specifications

  • Suitable for 25-32mm cable diameters
  • Dimensions: 37mm(B) x 54mm(C) x 46mm(D) x 24mm(E)
  • Weight 90g
  • Stud size M10

Pictures: Prysmian Bicon 370BA06 Claw Cable Cleats - 25-32mm

Prysmian Bicon 370BA06 Claw Cleat

Prysmian Bicon 370BA06 Claw Cable Cleats - 25-32mm - Product Specification

Cable and Cleat Selection 

Cleat Details 

Design Number

Cable diameter 



Stud Size


Epoxy Coated 

A Min A Max B C D E



25mm 32mm 37mm 54mm 46mm 24mm 90g M10


Cable cleats are suitable for LV, MV and HV cable support depending upon the calculated short-circuit current - check with T&D.

Prysmian 370BA06 - contact T&D for price and delivery.

T&D distribute the complete range of Prysmian (BICC BICON) cable cleats including multicleat, trefoil, claw, hook, single and two bolt cleats manufactured from plastic nylon (LSF), stainless steel and aluminium for LV-HV cable support and containment in short-circuit conditions - cable cleats suitable for clamping, supporting and retaining low and high voltage cables (11kV-33kV) in commercial, industrial and hazardous area installations.

Prysmian BICON 11kV 33kV

Prysmian cable joints, terminations, cleats and cable glands for LV, MV & HV cables - complete cable accessory ranges and jointing tools for preparing and installing power cables. 

Prysmian Cable Cleats

Adobe Prysmian Bicon 370BA06 Claw Cable Cleats - 25-32mm

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Prysmian Bicon 370BA06 Claw Cable Cleats - 25-32mm