Insulated Operating Poles

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Insulated Operating Poles

Substations & Transmission Lines

PB Weir - National Grid UK Approved

Operating poles are available to suit high voltage substation, transmission line and distribution line applications.

PB Weir operating poles (telescopic) for both substation and transmission line applications provide temporary earthing of conductors within the range of 66kV, 132kV, 275kV and 400kV.


  • Insulated operating poles for high voltage substations should be limited to a length of 16ft. (4.88m) as it is considered that this is the maximum length of pole with clamp and lead attached which can normally be handled with safety. Insulated poles of these lengths are made up in multiple sections usually of 4ft. lengths. The joints are machined to provide a rigid assembly and include a double sided snap action spring locking device. All insulated poles are in accordance with Specification ESI 41-21.



  • Insulated poles for overhead transmission line applications are made in strong glass fibre material in accordance with C.E.G.B. Specification 43921, National Grid TPS 1/113 (Overhead Lines) and NSI4 (Work on High Voltage Overhead Lines). Insulated operating poles are supplied as single 8ft section complete with operating socket or as 8ft heavy duty telescopic extending poles to 16ft. with two intermediate positive stops. Lengths of the telescopic insulated poles can be increased further by use of a single 6ft. extension pole, supplied when specified. Carrying slings for telescopic and extension poles can be supplied as optional extra.


  • Insulated poles for overhead distribution line applications are manufactured from lightweight alloy and support the line end clamp(s) during fitting or removal from the overhead line conductors. Operating poles are in accordance with ESI 43-81 with optional rain shield or rain sheds fitted. Operating poles are manufactured from lightweight resin-impregnated glass fibre of insulation quality. Available in standard 1.22m (4’) sections with machined joints to provide a rigid assembly. Sections are assembled with a choice of either single or double sided snap action spring locking devices. The top section operating poles have a double sided sprung locking pin device operated by plungers to secure and operate pole heads. Locking devices are available in either stainless steel or bronze. Operating poles are in accordance with ESI 43-81 and typically 1.22m (4’) long, although other lengths are available. Operating poles can be supplied as Top, Intermediate or Lower sections. Bonded open weave handgrips can be applied to any section and blanking plugs or pole end bungs can be fitted to the insulated pole. Rain shield/sheds can also be fitted if required.


Pictured: Insulated Operating Poles

Insulated Operating Poles


Insulated Operating Poles

The insulated P&B Weir operating poles are manufactured from a light weight, resin-impregnated, electrical insulation grade fibre glass. Usually supplied as 4ft lengths, but 8ft lengths are also available. The insulated poles are supplied as 3 separate parts; a top, a middle and a bottom. They are connected by snap action joints, secured by plungers, split pins or rivets. Any number of intermediate poles can be used if a longer length is required. Plugs or bungs can be supplied and fitted to the bottom of the pole to keep out moisture or dirt and a rain shield can also be fitted to this section of the pole. 


Adobe Operating Poles - PB Weir Substation Earthing Operating Poles High Voltage

Adobe Operating Poles - PB Weir Transmission Line Earthing Operating Poles High Voltage

Adobe Insulated Poles for High Voltage Substations, Overhead Distribution Line & Transmission Line

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Insulated Operating Poles