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Lockout Tagout - Valve Lockouts

Panduit gate valve lockouts prevent valve handles from being turned - simply slip lockout over valve handle and attach padlock. Gate valves regulating pneumatic, hydraulic and chemical energy can be locked out quickly and easily. Panduit gate valve lockouts accomodate valve handles ranging from 25.40mm to 330.20mm in diameter. Gate valve lockout devices are constructed of rugged polypropylene providing strength, durability and added electrical security.

Ball valve lockouts regulate hydraulic, pneumatic and chemical energy  quickly and easily - Panduit ball valve lockout devices accommodate valve diameters ranging from 6.35mm to 76.2mm diameter.

Panduit lockout tagout electrical safety equipment products include cable lockout, electrical isolation lockout, lockout safety padlocks, lockout kits, ball valve lockout, lockout stations, lockout key boxes, lockout tags and hasps to improve industrial plant electrical safety.

Adobe Ball Valve Lockout 6.25-25mm Handle - Panduit PSL-BV1

Adobe Ball Valve Lockout 31.25-75mm Handle - Panduit PSL-BV2

Adobe Gate Valve Lockout - 25-62.5mm Handle - Panduit PSL-V2A

Adobe Gate Valve Lockout - 62.5-162.5mm Handle - Panduit PSL-V6A

Adobe Gate Valve Lockout - 162.5-250mm Handle - Panduit PSL-V9

Adobe Gate Valve Lockout - 250-325mm Handle - Panduit PSL-V13

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Panduit Lockout Tagout -  Valve Lockouts