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Lockout Tagout - Circuit Breakers

Panduit circuit breaker lockout devices feature shroud over set screws preventing tampering with the lockout device during maintenance - compact, universal design suits wide range of single, double and triple hand circuit breakers. Individual circuit breakers can be locked in off position without locking out the entire panel.

Panduit lockout devices accomodate breaker handles 7.62mm-15.24mm tall and 6.35-11.18mm thick and are easily attached without modification to panel or circuit breaker. Panduit circuit breaker lockout devices are constructed from rugged nylon and stainless steel providing strength, durability, added security and corrosion resistance.

Panduit "No Tool" circuit breaker lockout devices allow locking off without any tools. Panduit "Large Handle" circuit breaker lockout devices accommodates breaker handles up to 20mm thick and 76mm wide.

Panduit lockout tagout electrical safety equipment products include cable lockout, electrical isolation lockout, lockout safety padlocks, lockout kits, ball valve lockout, lockout stations, lockout key boxes, lockout tags and hasps to improve industrial plant electrical safety.

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