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ABB POLIM-S..N High Voltage AC Surge Arresters

Indoor / Outdoor 4kV - 44kV


ABB POLIM-S..N high voltage AC surge arresters are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation to protect against multiple atmospheric and switching overvoltages including Very Fast Transients (VFT). ABB POLIM-S surge arresters cover the complete range of continuous operating voltages from 4-44kV(kV rms), including 6.6kV, 11kV, 15kV, 20kV, 24kV, 33kV, 36kV cable networks and systems. Designed and tested according to IEC 60099-4 and fulfills the requirement of ANSI/IEEE C62.11. 

ABB POLIM-S..N Surge Arresters

ABB POLIM-S..N High Voltage Surge Arresters (AC) Applications

  • Transformers
  • Overhead lines
  • Cables
  • Rotating machines
  • Capacitors, capacitor banks
  • Railway rolling stock
  • Railway fixed installations
  • High speed trains
  • Arc furnace transformers
  • Other medium voltage equipment


ABB POLIM-S..N Medium Voltage Surge Arrester Technical Data

Type System Voltage  Contin-uous Operat-ing Voltage Nominal Dis-charge Current Short Circuit Rating 50Hz High Current Impulse IEC Line Dis-charge Class  Long Duration Current Impulse App-lication
Us Uc In Is Ihc



≤ 72kV 

≤ 56kV  10kA 50kA rms for 0.2s 100kA 3 1000A / 2000μs  Indoor / Outdoor


ABB POLIM-S..N HV Surge Arrester Rated Voltages

ABB Surge Arrester Type Rated Voltage
ABB POLIM-S04 5kV rms
ABB POLIM-S05 6.3kV rms
ABB POLIM-S06 7.5kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S07 8.8kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S08 10kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S09 11.3kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S10 12.5kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S11 13.8kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S12 15kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S13 16.3kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S14 17.5kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S15 18.8kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S16 20kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S17 21.3kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S18 22.5kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S19 23.8kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S20 25kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S21 26.3kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S22 27.5kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S23 28.8kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S24 30kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S25 31.3kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S26 32.5kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S27 33.8kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S28 35kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S29 36.3kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S30 37.5kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S31 38.8kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S32 40kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S33 41.3kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S34 42.5kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S35 43.8kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S36 45kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S37 46.3kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S38 47.5kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S39 48.8kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S40 50kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S41 51.3kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S42 52.5kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S43 53.8kV rms​
ABB POLIM-S44 55kV rms​

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