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ABB MWD High Voltage AC Surge Arresters

Indoor / Outdoor 4kV-44kV 


ABB MWK indoor and outdoor high voltage AC surge arresters protect against multiple atmospheric and switching overvoltages including Very Fast Transients (VFT). ABB MWK surge arresters are suitable for the protection of high voltage transformers, cables, motors and other HV  electrical equipment. ABB MWK surge arresters cover the complete range of continuous operating voltages from 4-44kV(kV rms), including 6.6kV, 11kV, 15kV, 20kV, 24kV, 33kV, 36kV cable networks and systems. Designed and tested according to IEC 60099-4 and fulfills the requirement of ANSI/IEEE C62.11.    

ABB MWK Surge Arresters

ABB MWK High Voltage Surge Arresters (AC) Applications

  • Transformers
  • Cables
  • Rotating machines
  • Capacitors, capacitor banks
  • Cable sheath
  • Switchgear/panel
  • Other medium voltage equipment


ABB MWK Medium Voltage Surge Arrester Technical Data

Type System Voltage  Contin-uous Operat-ing Voltage Nominal Dis-charge Current Short Circuit Rating 50Hz High Current Impulse IEC Line Dis-charge Class  Long Duration Current Impulse App-lication
Us Uc In Is Ihc



≤ 52kV 

≤ 44kV  10kA 20kA rms for 0.2s 100kA 2 550A / 2000μs  Indoor / Outdoor


ABB POLIM-MWK HV Surge Arrester Rated Voltages

ABB Surge Arrester Type Rated Voltage
ABB POLIM-MWK05 6.3kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK06 7.5kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK07 8.8kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK08 10kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK09 11.3kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK10 12.5kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK11 13.8kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK12 15kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK13 16.3kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK14 17.5kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK15 18.8kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK16 20kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK17 21.3kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK18 22.5kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK19 23.8kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK20 25kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK21 26.3kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK22 27.5kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK23 28.8kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK24 30kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK25 31.3kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK26 32.5kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK27 33.8kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK28 35kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK29 36.3kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK30 37.5kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK31 38.8kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK32 40kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK33 41.3kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK34 42.5kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK35 43.8kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK36 45kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK37 46.3kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK38 47.5kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK39 48.8kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK40​ 50kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK41 51.3kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK42 52.5kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK43 53.8kV rms
ABB POLIM-MWK44 55kV rms

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