Metronet (London Underground) - Lighting Plug & Socket Boxes

LUL London Underground Approved

Metronet (London Underground) - Lighting Plug & Socket Boxes




With 250 underground rail stations on the London Underground network, modernising station lighting is a key factor in the continuing refurbishment program.

Working with EDF Energy, a small die-cast assembly containing terminals and a side mounted plug and socket was developed to speed-up the luminaire lighting renewal process - the die-cast enclosures feature a LUL approved "Copon" non toxic fume coating.

The lighting plug and socket boxes are supplied in Grey for London Underground circuits and Red for DNO circuits.

Craig and Derricott plug and sockets are supplied as three pin power connectors, 94V-0 rating and with copper, silver plated contacts.

Using Craig and Derricott's approved plug and socket boxes the lighting replacement project can be broken down into smaller operations - typically :

  1. Install junction boxes
  2. Cable feeds in and out of junction boxes
  3. Fit light fitting
  4. Wire light fitting to plug and install

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Metronet (London Underground) - Lighting Plug & Socket Boxes