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Marechal Plugs & SocketsMarechal Plugs & Sockets

Marechal DSN DXN Decontactors

 Plugs & Sockets with Integral Load-Break Isolating Switch 

Marechal plugs and sockets are ideally suited for humid and corrosive marine environments including vessels, marinas, ports and shipyards.

Marechal plugs and socket outlets are specified to supply boats, cranes connections and conveyors.

Marechal decontactor sockets allow the connection and disconnection of electrical equipment up to 250A  due to the  unique load-break isolating switch mechanism.

Marechal DSN plug and socket outlets are IP66 and IP67 watertight withstanding high pressure washing and temporary immersion.

Marechal Plugs & Sockets - Water Application

Weather conditions and sea air conditions - brass contact plugs and socket suffer from oxidisation caused by salt, water and humidity.

Marechal plugs and sockets feature corrosion resistant silver-nickel contacts with automatic IP66/67 ingress protection and resistance to water jetting.

Mobile equipment and crane connections - Marechal integral load-breaking capability simplifies electrical connections and disconnections.

Harsh marine environments - salt corrosion, temperature change, humidity and mechanical impact cause overheating leading to weak electrical connections and eventual plug failure.

Marechal silver-nickel butt contact technology resists shock and corrosion ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Oil and gas - Marechal DXN plugs and sockets comply with ATEX directive for electrical connector installations in Zones 1 and 2 hazardous areas.

Marechal DXN ATEX Plugs & Sockets - Hazardous Area Applications

Marechal SP Single Pole Power Connectors are designed for safety, durability and ease of use - SP4 sockets are IP2X rated to prevent accidental finger contact with live parts and also equipped with pilot contacts for controlling the power circuit.

Marechal SP power connectors are rated up to 700A, 1000 volts (AC), 1500 volts (DC), T5 ATEX classified, IP66-67 and widely used to provide electric power supply to ships at port (shore-to-ship and ship-to-ship feeders).

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