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Plug & Socket with Integral Load-Break Isolating Switch

Marechal DSN Decontactor

Marechal DSN plug and socket outlets (decontactors) provide switch rated plug and socket assemblies for reduced machine downtime and improved plant production.

Typical Marechal DSN installations include abattoirs, cheese plants, bottling plants, breweries and distilleries.

Marechal DSN plugs and sockets are rated from 20-63amps, IP66/67 watertight ingress protection and with socket-outlet safety shutter providing IP4X protection.

DSN versions available with 2 auxiliary contacts (32amp) and 4 auxiliary contacts (63amp). Equipment motors fitted with Marechal plugs and sockets (decontactors) require no hard-wiring.

Marechal DSN3 Plugs and Sockets

Food & Beverage Industry Applications for Marechal Plugs: Marechal decontactors can be easily disconnected with wet and slippery hands - resistant to water jets and also chemicals used for cleaning of production sites.

Marechal plugs can be used as motor connections on conveyors in sugar mills. Marechal DXN and DX decontactors are ATEX approved for hazardous areas with 'de" protection mode.

Marechal decontactors are corrosion resistant - perfect for wine cellars. Marechal DXN ATEX approved decontactor are perfectly adapted to distilleries - in-line connectors resist shocks and wear. Safely disconnected under load.

Marechal Plugs - No Pie in the Face - Food Trade Article

Kensey Foods Ltd of Launceston, Cornwall, recently decided to use Marechal DSN and DS plugs and sockets for connecting portable ancillary equipment used in the production of custard tarts and apple pies.

The decision was based on the water tightness and robustness of Marechal's plugs and equipment, which can be supplied with an IP67 rating, meaning that they are impervious to dust entry and immersion in water.

All of the DSN (16A) and DSN3 (32A) Marechal plugs and sockets used by Kensey Foods have the rating and will soon be used throughout the company's plant.

Marechal DSN Plugs and Sockets for Food and Beverage Industry

Typical Marechal Plug Socket assembly applications : fans, mixers, packaging machines, cutting machines, pumps, mincers, wash tanks, conveyors and mobile equipment.

With Marechal plugs and sockets mobile machines and equipment can be disconnected , moved and re-connected in the press of a button - push the machinery to its new production location and re-plug it in. 

Humid and corrosive environments - food industry brass contacts tend to oxidise causing contact overheating and eventual failure.

Marechal silver-nickel butt contacts resist corrosion while the automatic socket seal resists steam cleaning, water jetting and chemicals.

Marechal plug connections are used throughout the brewing industry for long term service life in water and humid environments.

Fatty and humind environments - layers of fatty films (eg cheese plants) on plugs is a common reason for operators pulling on cables to remove the plug from its socket - even if wearing protective gloves the operator can simply press the release button ejecting the plug to a parked position.

A quarter turn removes then now dead plug from its socket - Marechal in-line plug connections are switched for extra safety.

Robust requirements - Marechal glass-fibre reinforced casings resist accidental damage where extension leads are often subject to rough factory floor conditions and handling.

Moving equipment and maintenance - often conveyors are hard-wired for safety reasons.

Procedures for opening junction boxes and removing electricity supply conductors add to production downtime.

In cases of breakdown electric motors can be disconnected and exchanged quickly with Marechal connections.

Bottling plants - Marechal decontactors can be keyed to differentiate between similar voltages, different applications and differently rated motors.

Marechal suits multiple connections, multipin control connections, label printers and conveyor motor applications.

Explosive atmospheres - due to the presence of alcohol vapours, distilleries are classed as potentially explosive atmospheres.

Marechal DXN plugs and sockets are ATEX certified for hazardous area installations whether fixed power supplies or mobile connection applications.

Note : Marechal DXN type ATEX plugs can fit into Marechal DSN industrial sockets negating the need to install the more expensive ATEX socket in the safe area workshop.

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Marechal DSN Industrial Decontactors Plugs & Sockets 

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Adobe Marechal Plugs & Socket Decontactor - IP66-67, IP4XM DSN6 63amp

Adobe Marechal Plugs & Socket Decontactor - ATEX Hazardous Area - DXN

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