LV Distribution Feeder Pillars up to 3200amps - Merlin Gerin SAIF

              Merlin Gerin SAIF Feeder Pillars - LV Distribution up to 3200A

Merlin Gerin SAIF offers a unique range of switchable fusegear providing low voltage distribution up to 3200A.

SAIF low voltage distribution equipment is available as : LV distribution cabinets, feeder pillars and fuse boards. Whatever the requirement is for low voltage distribution, Merlin Gerin have the solution from fuse protection to the latest circuit breaker technology. The feeder pillar assembly can be custom built to meet your needs and delivered direct to site.

Merlin Gerin SAIF low voltage feeder pillar switchgear can be installed outdoors or indoors - typical SAIF fusegear applications include electricity distribution to housing estates, shopping centres, colleges, ports, airports, MoD estates, factories, commercial and industrial installations.

Merlin Gerin SAIF fusegear ranges include : outdoor feeder pillars, outdoor fuse cabinets and indoor fuseboards.

LV Electricity Distribution Feeder Pillars - SAIF Fusegear Options :
* Direct mounting via flange to transformer or free standing
* Busbar systems and disconnectors up to 3200 amps
* Dual busbar systems with load shedding facilities
* Choice of fuseway ratings - 400A, 630A or 800A feeder pillars
* Facilities for safe connection of standby generators

SAIF distribution feeder pillars are available with combined circuit breaker and fuseways incorporating moulded case circuit breakers up to 1600A or air circuit breakers up to 3200A.

SAIF Low Voltage Fusegear Benefits:

Safety Levels - operator protection to IPXXB - SAIF fusegear has the ability to protect the operator from contact with live parts in normal service, including fuse link replacement when the feeder pillar is live.

Fault Make, Load Break Switching - SAIF fusegear achieves a fault make, load break switching with the use of a portable, independent manual switching mechanism, providing through-fault capability up to 50kA. SAIF distribution feeder pillars eliminate the need for isolation of the HV supply.

Versatile for Future Expansion - incorporated into feeder pillar, fuse cabinets and fuseboards, SAIF offers ease of provision for future circuits, enabling additional fuseways to be simply plugged onto existing busbars to meet future power demand.

Easy Installation, Low Maintenance - robust construction of SAIF fusegear withstands all weather conditions providing high levels of low voltage electricity distribution. SImple installation and minimum maintenance is achieved by the arrangement of the cables at the base of each fuseway - this permits pre-determined cable cores to be cut facilitating easy cable termination into the feeder pillar.

Future Power Upgrades - SAIF permits simple upgrading of low voltage electricity distribution system. Plug-in features permit the addition or replacement of feeder circuits without the need for insulated tools.

SAIF - MoD Defence Estates - LV Distribution Applications
MoD Defence Estates Specification 039 Feeder Pillars

Merlin Gerin SAIF feeder pillars are specified to provide low voltage electrical distribution to MoD sites replacing conventional design feeder pillars. Conventional feeder pillar designs expose the operator to live conductors when the equipment doors are open. The introduction of the "Electricity at Work" Regulations place greater restrictions when working on, or near live conductors (Reg 14). The effect of the Regulations has meant that to avoid the risk of prosecution in the event of an accident, the entire feeder pillar must be isolated and made dead before opening the doors.

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