Siemens SITOR & BETA Fuses



Siemens SITOR semiconductor fuses provide converters, rectifiers and UPS systems with reliable protection against short-circuits and overloads.



Siemens SITOR fuses protect power semiconductors from the effects of a short circuit because the super-quick disconnect characteristic is far quicker than that of conventional LV HRC fuses. They protect expensive devices and system components such as converters with fuses in the input and in the DC link, UPS systems and soft starters for motors.

Siemens fuses with blade contacts comply with IEC 60269-2 and are suitable for installation in LV HRC fuse bases, in LV HRC switch disconnectors and in switch disconnectors with fuses. They also include fuses with slotted blade contacts for screw fixing with 110 mm mounting dimension whose sizes comply with IEC 60269-4.

Fuses with slotted blade contacts for screw fixing with 80 mm or 110 mm mounting dimension are often screwed directly onto busbars for optimum heat dissipation. Even better heat transmission is provided by the compact fuses with M10 or M12 female thread which are also mounted directly onto busbars.

The fuses for SITOR thyristor sets, railway rectifiers or electrolysis systems were developed specially for these applications.

Siemens size 3 type ranges have a round ceramic body instead of a square body. Key features of these fuse ranges are small I²t values with low power dissipation and a high alternating load capability. The dimensions and the functional dimensions comply with the current standards IEC 60269-4/EN 60269-4 (VDE 0636-4).


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