Nexans Airfield Ground Lighting Cables (Primary Secondary)

NexansAirfield Ground Lighting (AGL) Heat Shrink Cable Joint Kits


Primary & Secondary Circuits

Nexans Airfield Lighting Cables, Primary Circuit:

  • Located between Constant Current Regulators (CCRs) and transformers on the runways
  • Durable, watertight airfield lighting cables
  • XLPE insulated cables with with PVC, PE or XLPE sheaths
  • Ideal for ducts, trenches or direct burial

2,700 km of Nexans primary circuit airfield cables were supplied to Abu Dhabi (UAE), 1,500 km to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and 1,600 km to Hong Kong (China) International Airports.

Nexans Airfield Lighting Cables, Secondary Circuit:

  • Highly flexible multiple 2-core standard rubber cable
  • Short spans for 1,000 volt connections between runway transformers and lamps.

Nexans airfield ground lighting cables are installed in airports in Europe, the Middle East and East Asia.

A complete range of secondary circuit cables can be delivered in extremely short timeframes. Nexans is the only cable company manufacturing both primary and secondary circuit cables.

Adobe Nexans Airfield Ground Lighting Cables (Primary Secondary)