Fibre Optic Closures & Splices

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Fibre Optic Closures & Splices - 3M


3M fibre optic closures include a fibre organiser with a capacity of 12, 28, or 48 splice tray slots - the 3M fibre splice trays are a standard size taking up one or two slots (5mm or 10mm spacing).

3M fibre optic closures suit the following applications:

  • Single fibre management
  • Splitter integration
  • Mechanical fibre splices
  • Compatible with blown fibre
  • Micro cable management
  • 12 to 1152 cable fibres

3M Fibre Cable Organisers & Splice Trays

3M fibre cable organisers contain the following advantages - the 3M BPEO closure also has a fibre guide for 250 micron fibres from the cable entry to the splice trays.

Pictured: 3M BPEO Fibre Optic Splice Closure

3M BPEO Fibre Optic Splice Closure

  • A large storage area for tubes, microstructures or for by-passing cables
  • Splice trays are structured in a tree style allowing easy access to each splice
  • Large cable guide channels on each side of the cable closure
  • Each fibre splice tray is protected by an individual cover
  • Marking of each splice tray is visible in the open or closed position
  • Watertight splice closures

Adobe 3M BPEO Fibre Optic Closures

Adobe Splice Closures - Fibre Optic Closures - 3M BPEO