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T&D are Main Suppliers for the Cavotec range of products including cable chain (nlyon and steel), radio controls and connectors - we provide worldwide delivery at competitive prices.

  • Cavotec Connectors

Cavotec Connectors are low and medium voltage (LV MV) electrical power connectors designed to meet the intense demands of industry including ports, maritime, oil and gas and power - this includes ATEX & IECEx certified connectors for hazardous areas Zone 1 and Zone 2. 

Cavotec Connectors

Cavotec Connectors Overview

  • Cavotec PC1 - S1 EX : EX rated connector, voltage 690V, current 30A 
  • Cavotec PC2 - Multi Pin Plug & Socket : 500V multipin connectors
  • Cavotec PC4 - Screw Ring Plug : 1.1kV power connector with screw ring
  • Cavotec PC5 - S5 Plug & Socket 7.2kV : compact MV power connector
  • Cavotec PC2 - EX : Ex d connector 690V, currents up to 660A 
  • Cavotec PC5 - X5 Wall Mounted Socket Push & Pull


Cavotec Mining and Tunnelling connectors and plugs provide low voltage and high voltage power supplies to drilling rigs, drilling jumbos, roof bolting units, scaling machines, self loading trains, stackers, reclaimers and trippers.

Cavotec Power Connectors are market leaders in providing industrial power supply to underground mines and hydro-electric tunnels.

The high quality, robustness and integral safety of Cavotec Connectors have set the standard for high voltage and low voltage power supply to many different types of equipment used in mining and tunnelling. 


Cavotec Power Connectors - Mines & Tunnels Cable Connectors

  • LV Low Voltage - low voltage power cable connectors up to 1100 Volts
  • HV High Voltage - high voltage power cable connectors up to 2500 Volts

In open cast pit mines, where electricity is to be distributed to applications at varying distances from the main source, the role of Cavotec Power Connectors is crucial.

Cavotec Power Connectors must allow fast connecting and disconnecting and withstand extreme ambient influences such as dust, water and frost. Cavotec brass and stainless steel connectors meet the power supply requirements for underground and above ground mining applications.

Cavotec Connectors for low and high voltage applications are robustly designed, with a standard maximum temperature of 80 Degree Celsius.

The range of low voltage power connectors, available in a variety of sizes, are made in two different operation systems:

1. The "Push & Pull" system is preferred when the power connectors have to be disconnected manually or automatically several times a day.

2. The "Screw Ring" system has special power connectors fitted with screw rings for applications with manual disconnections on a day-to-day or weekly basis.

Cavotec power connectors provide a flexible, convenient and reliable means of extending cables from fixed or mobile power sources to mining and tunnelling equipment.

They are often used also for portable junction boxes either in above or underground applications. In order to help reduce the number and the frequency of temporary splices made in trailing cables, Cavotec offers a range of specially designed "trailing cable connectors".

The high quality, robustness and integral safety of the Cavotec Connectors have set the standard concerning high and low voltage power supply to many different types of equipment used in applications around the world.

Cavotec Radio : Micro Control Radio (Safe & Hazardous Area ATEX Radio)

Cavotec Radio

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