Cathodic Protection Cable Joints

Low Voltage LV Cable Joints

Cathodic Protection Cable Joints

Cathodic protection cable joints are suitable for the cable jointing of single core DC feeder to anode cable.

This includes cathodic protection cable jointing for pipelines, jetties, tanks and buried structures.

Cathodic protection cable joints are suitable for deep well groundbeds, sea water and salt water immersed installations.

Two types of CTL Clearcast Cathodic Protection Cable Joints are available :

CPJ Cable Joint - the classic cathodic protection cable joint for use when upright branch cable joints are required.

CB0 Cable Joint - a “Y”-shaped LV cable joint for horizontal branch cable jointing applications.

3M Scotchcast 90-B1 Cable Joint 

Cathodic protection cable joints with armour continuity for up to 1000v - 3M 90-B1 cable joint kits are specified for single core unarmoured tee or branch cable jointing, 12-20mm cable diameters, utilising Scotchcast No.4 Epoxy Resin.

Heat shrink anode caps are used to protect exposed anode ends from moisture.

Thorne & Derrick UK supply cathodic protection cables suitable to withstand fuel, oils and chemicals in refining and process plant installations.

Adobe Cathodic Protection Cable Joint Single Core Unarmoured - 3M 90-B1

Adobe Cathodic Protection Cable Joint Resin - 3M No 4 Epoxy Resin

Adobe Cathodic Protection Cable Joints - CTL Clearcast

Adobe Cathodic Protection Cable Joint - 3M USA Scotchcast Multi-Mold 85-CP

Adobe Cathodic Protection Cables

Adobe Anode Caps - Heat Shrink Anode Caps