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CATU's insulating boots provide electrical insulation protecting step voltages and are class 0 for live working up to 1000V AC and are also tested up to 20kV for high voltage and overhead line working.

Pictured: CATU Insulating Dielectric Boots - Conforms to EN20345 & EN 50321

CATU Insulating Dielectric Boots

Insulating dielectric boots protect cable jointers, overhead linesmen and substation workers from step and touch potential.

CATU dielectric insulating boots provide extra electrical safety when climbing ladders and poles and are made from UV resistant rubber, 100% waterproof and have no metallic element.

CATU's insulating boots are available in three types including the MV-135B which is designed for use within agribusiness applications and are designed to prevent clogging.

CATU Insulating Dielectric Boots - Product Range
Part Ref Size Class Voltage
CATU MV-136-* 39 to 49 0 1000V AC
CATU MV-136B-* 39 to 49 0 1000V AC
CATU MV-137 39 to 49 - Tested 20kV


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Video: CATU Insulating Boots

Video : CATU MV-137 High Voltage 20kV Insulating Boots

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