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CATU's safety shoes provide electrical insulation protection step voltages and are class 0 for live working up to 1000V AC.

Pictured: CATU Safety Shoes

CATU MV-223 Insulating Safety Shoes

CATU offer safety shoes for indoor, dry environments with leather and breathable liner microphones or with polyurethane rod and antibacterial lining, ventilated with 3D mesh neighbourhoods.

Additionally for indoor controlled environments only are low shoes with anti-bacterial and calendered nonwoven lining, a torsion resistant sole and waterproof leather uppers.

All of CATU's safety shoes include an anti-perforation textile sole, a 200J protection cap and SRC adhesion.

CATU Safety Shoes - Product Range

Part Ref Type Size Class Standard Use
CATU MV-222-* Low 39 to 47 0 - 1,000V EN ISO 20345 Industry, construction, bold & smooth floors
CATU MV-223-* High 39 to 47 0 - 1,000V EN ISO 20345
CATU MV-226-* Low 39 to 47 0 - 1,000V EN ISO 23045 Industry, logistics and transport, services & communities
CATU MV-227-* High 39 to 47 0 - 1,000V EN ISO 23045
CATU MV-228-* Low 39 to 47 0 - 1,000V EN ISO 20345 Condition of strict hygiene, agribusiness & controlled environments


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