SIBA HHC High Voltage (HV) Fuses - Capacitor Applications

High Voltage (HV) Fuses - Capacitor Applications

4.8kV, 7.2kV, 15.5kV - 6.3-250 Amps Fuses (IEC 60 282-1 & IEC 60 549)

SIBA HHC High Voltage (HV) Capacitor Fuses

SIBA High Voltage HHC fuse-links provide maximum protection in high voltage capacitor applications. SIBA HHC capacitor fuses for high voltage electrical systems are designed to be mounted directly to the capacitor bushings in individual fusing applications, indoor and outdoor.

An additional L-shape range of capacitor fuses, for bus-mounting provides a 50 N striker for both visual confirmation and triggering the SIBA Micro-Switch-Fitting 3100210 - the SIBA micro-switch fitting produces an electrical signal for each operated fuse. High voltage capacitor fuses are available in a variety of different thread sizes such as 1/2", M12 and M16.

In contrast to a standard HV high voltage fuse-link, all SIBA HHC type capacitor fuses respect the higher voltage level necessary for proper high voltage capacitor protection. Therefore, the rated voltage of a SIBA HHC fuse-link can be the same as the application voltage, including floating-wye connections. For example an 8.3 kV fuse can be placed in a 7.96 kV floating-wye system.

In respect to the influences and tolerances mentioned in IEEE 18-1992, the rated current of the selected SIBA HHC fuse-link shall be a minimum  2 times the operation current of the application.

SIBA HV Fuses : SIBA high voltage fuse links for reliable circuit protection of air, gas and oil insulated high voltage switchgear and transformers operating at 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV, 20kV and 33kV voltages - this includes back-up fuses, general purpose fuses, motor fuses, capacitor fuses, overhead line fuses and full range high voltage fuses for switchgear and transformers. Also - British Standard (BS2692), German DIN Standard, North American Standard and French Standard high voltage fuses.

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SIBA HHC High Voltage (HV) Fuses - Capacitor Applications