ABB High Voltage Fuses - WBP Range, Voltage Transformer Fuses 7.2-33kV

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ABB High Voltage Fuses

ABB WBP range of HV transformer fuse-links are used to protect high voltage equipment against short-circuits in indoor voltage transformers. Protection of switchgear equipment is ensured  by the unlimited breaking capacity and short circuit current limitation. Compact dimension ABB WBP type high voltage fuse-links can be used in various types of switchgear, including flame-proof types.
ABB WBP High Voltage Fuses
ABB WBP HV High Voltage Transformer Fuse Links - Operation
A high voltage fuse-link consists of an insulation tube whose both ends are terminated withg end caps - fuse elements are helically wound  on the porcelain stick. The high voltage fuse interior is tightly filled with arc-quenching material, whose chemical composition and granularity have been appropriately chosen. The HV transformer fuse link is sealed at both ends.

The HV fuse operation depends on automatic single-time interruption of fault current in the protected circuit by melting of its fuses element and quenching of the electrical arc produced in the fuse-link interior. The fuse links limit the peak value of short-circuit currents and hence effectively protect circuits from thermal and electromagnetic effects of short circuits. A fuse link when mounted on its fuse-base makes a complete fuse. Voltage transformer fuse links can be used as build-up version and in special bases with one contact installed on the high voltage transformer and one on the post insulator.

Polish Standard PN-77/E-06110
British Standard BS:2692 : 1956
Russian Standard GOST2213 : 1959

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