ABB High Voltage Fuses - HRC Fuses 7.2kV - 36kV

ABB High Voltage Fuses

ABB high rupturing capacity (HRC) fuses are short-circuit current limiting with low rated minimum breaking current (Imin), low switching over voltages (Um) and dimensions to DIN and IEC standards.

ABB HRC High Rupturing Current Fuses for High Voltages - Applications
ABB HRC high voltage fuses are used to protect transformers, capacitor banks, cable networks and overhead lines against short-circuits. ABB HRC HV fuses protect switchgears from thermal and electromagnetic effects of heavy short-circuit currents by limiting the peak current values (cut-off characteristics) and interrupting the currents in several milliseconds. 

ABB HRC High Voltage Fuse Links for International Standards 
Polish Standard PN-92/E-06110
Polish Standard PN-86/E-06114
International Standard IEC282-1 : 1994
International Standard IEC644 of 1979
German Standard DIN43625
Russian Standard GOST2213-1979

ABB HRC High Voltage Fuse Links

ABB HRC Fuse Links for High Voltage HV Systems - Features

  • High rupturing capacity fuses
  • Short−circuit current limiting
  • Low rated minimum breaking current (Imin)
  • Low switching overvoltages (Um)
  • Can be used with switch disconnector (fitted with a medium−size striker pin)
  • Fuse dimensions acc. to DIN and IEC standards

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