ABB High Voltage Fuses - CEF Range, Current Limiting Fuses 3.3kV - 33kV

ABB High Voltage Fuses

CEF Range, Current Limiting Fuses 3.3kV - 33kV

ABB High Voltage Fuses

Low power losses ensure ABB current limiting fuses are suitable for compact high voltage switchgear and for fuse switch disconnectors combination. ABB CEF current limiting fuses are back-up type for 3.3kV to 33kV service. 

HV current limting fuses have a zone between the minimum melting current and the minimum breaking current where the fuse links may fail to interrupt and this zone is very narrow. ABB high voltage current limiting fuses offer low minimum breaking current, low power losses, low arc-voltage and a high breaking capacity.

ABB CEF High Voltage Fuses
ABB Current Limiting Fuses for High Voltage Applications
The ABB current limiting fuse family is generally composed of three different fuse groups: back-up fuses, general purpose fuses and full range fuses. All of them limit the value of prospective short-circuit currents during the interruption process, thereby extending the life time of nearby installed electrical equipment. The main difference is in the minimum breaking current that characterizes the lowest fault current that the fuses are capable of interrupting. This value is generally highest for back-up fuses, slightly smaller for general purpose fuses and smallest, with the value close to the minimum melting current, for full range fuses. But reaction time is critical for the protection function. That is why back-up fuses, with an interruption time for the minimum breaking current in the range of a few seconds down to a few tense of milliseconds, are the most commonly used. The total clearing time in cases of high shortcircuit currents is even shorter i.e. only a few milliseconds. That is why back-up fuses can be used as typical overload protection elements.

General purpose and full range fuses capable of interrupting even the smallest values of currents can only be considered as over current devices since the interruption time is greater than one hour. ABB current limiting fuses have low minimum breaking currents, i.e. close to three times the rated current, In.


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