High Voltage Umbilicals & Subsea Cable Repair Joints

High Voltage Umbilicals & Subsea Cable Repair Joints

TT Electronics subsea cable repair joints for the maintenance of high voltage submarine distribution systems. This includes subsea cable joints for polymeric and paper insulated power cables up to 33kV and composite power and optical fibre cable joints.

Subsea cable product ranges include specially designed cable pulling heads to ensure that torsionally balanced cables safely reach their destination (at the platform) as well as temporary and permanent armour clamps.

Also : Explosion proof cable termination boxes, 'J' tube bungs, bend stiffeners and cable repair joints.

Subsea Cable Pulling Head
To enable the safe installation of the subsea cable to the platform or riser deck, WTH have designed a pulling head which connects directly onto the cable armour layer(s) - this ensures that all mechanical forces associated with pulling the cable via the ‘J' or ‘I' tube are borne by the armour with minimal transference of strain to the underlying cable components.

Hang Off Cable Clamps
Once installed and at the top of the 'J' tube the subsea cable is mechanically secured by the installation of a hang off clamp. The cable armour is terminated within a clamping arrangement that ensures the mechanical stresses expected to occur during service life are safely borne by the cable structure. Cable hang offs can be supplied combining core breakout and jointing to topside cable.

Subsea Cable Repair Joint
For the repair and maintenance of Submarine Transmission and Distribution systems, WTH have designed and developed a family of subsea cable repair joints capable of enduring the extremes of mechanical and electrical stresses encountered during system installation and operation.

Other Subsea Cable Accessories
In addition, WTH can provide the full range of subsea accessories required to enable the successful installation and operation of  Electrical,Composite Electrical and Optical Submarine Cables and Umbilicals including : Beach Clamps, Beach/Transition Joints, Bend Stiffeners and Bend Restrictors.

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