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Cable Joints for High Voltage Power Cables


High voltage cable jointing is “quick and easy” with WT Henley 11kV cable joints for 3 core XLPE (BS6622), EPR (BS6883) and PILC (BS6480) steel wire armoured (SWA) cables - 11kV resin filled cable joints are suitable for straight through and transition cable jointing of 3 core polymeric and paper insulated cables.

11kV resin cable joints are ex stock and rated up to 15kV for jointing paper and polymeric cables.

11kV Resin Cable Joint Kits (Paper Cables) Scottish Power - WT Henley MIRP

11kV Moulded Insulation Resin Protected Cable Joints - Features : 

Mechanical Connectors - 11kV conductor jointing (copper or aluminium, stranded or solid) is easy to achieve with shearbolt mechanical connectors.

Made from aluminium alloy with removable bridge piece to aid conductor insertion while final connection is achieved through torque controlled shearbolts. Mechanical connectors conform to IEC 61238 and BS4579.

Connector Housing - 11kV cable joint features a unique design whereby high voltage insulation re-instatement and stress control are provided by a quick fit rubber housing,

The incorporation of a semi-conducting layer integral to the dual construction housing effectively removes high concentrations of electrical stresses at the connector interface.

Earth Fault & Screen Protection - 11kV cable joint includes punched aluminium earth cage installed over the jointed cores providing both earth fault continuity and effective earth screening.

Completed 11kV resin cable joints have undergone short circuit testing and meet requirements of CENELEC - HD629.2, UK Electricity Council Recommendation ERC90 and Kema 52.

Polyurethane Resin Encapsulation - 11kV cable joint is encapsulated with quick-mix, fast-flow 2 part cable jointing resin providing water ingress resistance and high impact strength.

Joint Shell - 11kV cable joint shells are vacuum formed for high strength retention of cable jointing resin.

Standard polyurethane resin, isocynate-free resin and fire resistant LSF resins are available for hazardous area cable joint applications at high voltages, 6.6kV 11kV 15kV. 

Where cable identification is certain, T&D kit Modular 11kV Cable Joints tailored to the specific high voltage cable jointing application – reducing cable jointing costs by eliminating material waste. 
For instance, economic sense demands a Modular 11kV Cable Joint when undertaking straight through polymeric to polymeric cable jointing.

This avoids the extra cost of paper cable jointing components which are kitted as standard with Universal 11kV Cable Joints

The Universal 11kV Cable Joint is essential if cable type is uncertain until cable excavation or during shutdown - Universal 11kV Cable Joints contain sufficient cable jointing materials to complete straight through or transition jointing of high voltage 11kV 3 core XLPE and PILC SWA cables.

  • 11kV Cable Joints 3 Core 35-185sqmm - 24 Litres Cable Jointing Resin 
  • 11kV Cable Joints 3 Core 240-300sqmm - 30 Litres Cable Jointing Resin 

T&D supply 3M, WT Henley, ABB, CTL Clearcast, ISP, Prysmian, SPS and Raychem cable joints for low and high voltage cable jointing - resin cable joints, cold shrink cable joints and heat shrink cable joint kits are available from stock for high voltage 11kV-33kV installations.

Video Playlist : SPS : Heat Shrink Cable Joints, Cable Terminations & Pot End Kits (LV HV Cables - 3.3kV 6.6kV 11kV 33kV). Includes :  

  • Heat Shrink Cable Termination Outdoor (HV) - 11kV 33kV 3 Core XLPE Cables
  • Heat Shrink Cable Termination (HV) - 33kV Single Core XLPE BS7870 Cables
  • Heat Shrink Cable Joint (HV) - 11kV Trifurcating Transition (3 Core PILC/Triplex)
  • Heat Shrink Cable Joint - 11kV 3 Core XLPE & EPR High Voltage Cable Joints
  • Heat Shrink Cable Joint (HV) - 11kV 3 Core XLPE BS6622 Cables
  • Bonded Semi-conductive Screen Removal Using GB-P20 Tool - 11kV 33kV 

Adobe 11kV Cable Joint, Universal 3 Core XLPE-PILC 35-185sqmm - 52461-87

Adobe 11kV Cable Joint, Universal 3 Core XLPE-PILC 240-300sqmm - 52461-88

Adobe 11kV Cable Joint Base Kit - 3 Core 35-185sqmm - 52464-27

Adobe 11kV Cable Joint Base Kit - 3 Core 240-300sqmm - 52464-28

Adobe 11kV Cable Joint Earth Module - XLPE 35-185sqmm - 52481-07

Adobe 11kV Cable Joint Earth Module - XLPE 240-300sqmm - 52481-09

Adobe 11kV Cable Joint Earth Module - PILC 35-70sqmm - 52481-06

Adobe 11kV Cable Joint Earth Module - PILC 95-300sqmm - 52481-08

Adobe Scottish Power - WT Henley 11kV Cable Joints

Adobe 11kV 3 Core PILC SWA BS6480 Cable Specification

Adobe 11kV 3 Core XLPE SWA BS6622 Cable Specification