Cold Shrink Terminations, Outdoor 24kV Single Core 95-240sqmm - 3M 92-EP631-2

3M 92-EP631-2 Cold Shrink Cable Termination - Single Core - 24kV

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Single Core XLPE EPR Cable Terminations 24kV - 3M Cold Shrink

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Cold Shrink Terminations

  • Cable Termination Kit Outdoor - 3M 92-EP631-2
  • 3M Cold Shrink Cable Termination Kit Suits 24kV Single Core, Polymeric Cable with Copper Wire Screen
  • 95-240sqmm Conductors
  • Cold Shrink Termination - QTIII Termination Body
  • Diameter Over Primary Insulation 21.1-38.9mm

Cold Shrink Terminations - 3M QTIII Cable Termination Features

  • The versatile design of the prefabricated one-piece 3M cold shrink termination body (type QTIII) allows installation on a wide range of high voltage cable sizes and insulation types with fast and easy installation at temperatures ranging from - 20°C to + 50°C
  • No heat or flame is needed during installation of cold shrink terminations
  • Solderless earth connection using constant force springs
  • No special cable jointing tools needed, such as heat shrink torches

3M Cold Shrink cable terminations provide quick, easy and safe installation of the QTIII Cable Termination by pulling and unwinding the plastic support core in counter clockwise direction.

Use of special tools is not necessary. Detailed cable termination instructions for installing the 3M QTIII Series Cold shrink Terminations are included in each kit.

3M Product Identification

3M QTIII Series Cold Shrink Termination kits are marked with supplier name, cable cross section ranges, voltage class and cable type, storage conditions and manufacturing codes for product traceability.

3M Performance Tests

3M QTIII Cold Shrink Cable Terminations meet and exceed the requirements of the European standard CENELEC HD 629.1 as well as IEC 60502-4.

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Adobe Cold Shrink Terminations - QT111 3M Cable Terminations Outdoor 24kV - 3M Kit 92EP631-2

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Cold Shrink Terminations, Outdoor 24kV Single Core 95-240sqmm - 3M 92-EP631-2