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Hellermann Tyton PEEK Cable Ties

Hellermann Tyton PEEK cable ties will withstand temperatures from -55° C up to +260° C. PEEK cable ties exhibit chemical resistance, even against acid and gamma radiation. Furthermore PEEK cable ties have high abrasion resistance - with 4.5mm² strap cross-section PEEK ties hold a tensile strength of 230N but needs only 6N insertion force. The contoured head of the cable tie takes up less space for usage in areas with space restrictions. Due to the outside serration PEEK cable ties minimise any indentation or damage to cable insulation. 
PEEK cable ties have been designed for the Ministry of Defence and Aircraft industry in co-operation with leading companies. Typical high temperature cable tie applications include : drilling, railway, offshore or automotive industry.

PEEK Cable Ties - High Temperature

Properties of Polyetheretherketone PEEK Cable Ties.................

PEEK is a linear aromatic polymer widely regarded as the highest performance thermoplastic material cable tie.

High Temperature Performance - melting temperature of 343 degrees celsius, continuous operating temperature of 260 degrees celsius.

Wear Resistance - oustanding cable tie wear resistance over pressure, velocity, temperature and counter facial roughness.

Chemical Resistance - excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, PEEK cable ties are extensively used in the oil, gas and petrochem industries.

Fire, Smoke, Toxicity - highly stable, requires no flame-retardant additives to achieve V-O rating at 1.45mm thickness - composition and inherent purity of PEEK cable ties result in extremely low smoke and toxic gas emission in fire situations.

Hydrolysis Resistance - PEEK cable ties are not attacked by water or pressurised steam. Cable ties constructed from PEEK materials retain a high level of mechanical properties when continuously conditioned in water at elevated temperatures and pressures.

Purity - PEEK cable ties are inherently pure with exceptionally low levels of ionic extractables - excellent out gassing characteristics.

PEEK cable ties provide high temperature performance and are widely used in aerospace, oil mining, nuclear, automotive industries around the world.

Rated in excess of Class C temperature classification PEEK cable ties can work in 260°C locations continuously - ideal around electrical conductors where stainless steel cable ties can cause interference and short circuits. PEEK has excellent resistance to virtually all chemicals, acids, solvents, oils and greases.

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