Heat Shrink Terminations 4 Core PILC up to 0.6/1kV

Heat Shrink Cable Joints & Cable Terminations​

Heat Shrink Cable Terminations to suit XLPE & PILC Cables

Heat Shrink Cable Termination Kits - PILC Cables


Heat shrink termination kits for 3 and 4 core PILC (Paper Insulated Lead Covered) cables with steel wire armour (SWA), 600/1000 volts.

Heat shrink terminations are available with either 600mm or 1000mm tail lengths. 

Heat Shrink Cable Terminations - Low Voltage PILC Cables BS6480 0/6/1kV

  • Cable lug seal
  • Heat shrink cable core tubes
  • Roll springs to secure earth braid to lead sheath
  • Earth braid
  • Armour support ring
  • Mastic tape
  • Earth cover tube

Picture: Outdoor earthing components. If indoor type, the gland kit selected normally takes care of the earthing requirements. 

SPS Heat Shrink Terminations for LV PILC Cables 0.6/1kV

SPS Heatshrink Terminations For LV Pilc Cables 0.6/1kV
3/4 Core PILC Termination
SPS Part Number Cable Range Tail Length
SPS 4-35-600-3 4-35sqmm 600mm
SPS 4-35-1000-3 4-35sqmm 1000mm
SPS 50-150-600-3 50-150sqmm 600mm
SPS 50-150-1000-3 50-150sqmm 1000mm
SPS 185-300-600-3 185-300sqmm 600mm
SPS 185-300-1000-4 185-300sqmm 1000mm


Cable Sealing End Caps for Lead Sheathed Cables - for low and high voltage cables with lead sheath the heat shrink sealing cable end cap should be shrunk down directly onto the lead sheath.

Measure the diameter over the lead sheath and select the appropriate size of cable sealing cap. Expose the lead sheath for a distance equal to the length of the heat shrink cable end sealing cap plus 50mm from the cut cable end.

Clean exposed lead sheath with cable jointer wipes, electrical cable degreasing or solvent cleaning solution. Install the heat shrink cable cap to the lead sheathed cable. 

Adobe Heat Shrink Terminations 4 Core PILC up to 0.6/1kV